Many Canadians are experiencing that in between sort of weather just about now. When late November hits, it’s not yet winter but the late days of fall are still quite cool. It seems runners are often miscalculating and end up either over or under dressing. To add to the problem, temperature fluctuations can set the season back to feeling like early October or they can bring the cutting winds of winter. It feels like no day is the same. So what do you do? It’s a good idea to have items that will keep your warm without being the heavy duty items for winter. Here are some transitional items to consider:

MEC Nephele 2, $69.
MEC Nephele 2, $69.

1. Merino wool long sleeve. Why? Merino wool shirts are like a more technical, runner-safe version of your favourite t-shirt. Merino wool tops are designed to be warm however they don’t pile on the bulk. Runners can get a lightweight top and expect to be kept more warm than if wearing cotton– a material that should be avoided during this time of year– but they can wear wool itch free. It can be worn on its own or paired with a vest or thin base layer depending on weather.

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Adidas Supernova Three Quarter Tights, $75
Adidas Supernova Three Quarter Tights, $75

2. Three quarter length tights. There’s only so many months of the year when the three quarter length tights are wearable and it’s this time of year. Right now it’s too cold in most parts of Canada to wear shorts but sometimes full length tights can feel a little too toasty. These tights keep the muscles warm but won’t feel overly restrictive either.  






Nike Aeroloft Flash Vest, $320.

3. Vest. It feels too warm to wear that jacket you just bought for winter running but yet you feel like that long sleeve top just isn’t going to cut it on its own. And the fleece hoodie? Forget it. You will just overheat after the first two kilometres of your run. So, try a vest. Running vest are perfect for keeping the heat in close to the body on chilly runs without sealing you in. Wearing unnecessary layers will just end up feeling like movement is being restricted (while sweat builds up).





Saucony Omni Sport Top $85
Saucony Omni Sport Top $85

4. Half zip top. The beauty of the half zip is that runners can start out with it fully zipped to keep body heat from escaping. Then, as you warm up, unzip it for a little extra ventilation. Yes, this may seem way too basic, but watch this item save you on the in-between-weather runs. A small adjustment goes a long way.





Helly Hansen Dry Stripe T, $40

5. A solid short sleeve/ sleeveless base layer. For at least six months of the year, Canadian runners work to perfect the science of getting the base layer right. Don’t underestimate the power of a sleeveless (or short sleeve) base layer. Leave the mightiest base neatly folded in the drawer until the frigid days of January. Right now, a solid but simple base layer will give enough insulation without having runners feeling annoying layers under the arms.

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