Flat (your name here): a great pre-race tool

Your flat runner "selfie" is a great pre-race tool

October 10th, 2018 by | Posted in Running Gear | Tags: , , ,

Taking a few minutes to lay out your kit and snapping a pic of it the night before the race is a great way to both calm your nerves and ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything (especially if you must travel to get to the start line). Include everything you plan to have on your person during the race, right down to your race bib, nutrition, hat, watch, gloves, and sunglasses, if using. (But be sure to obscure your bib number so it can’t be stolen if you post on social media.)

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If flying, make sure to put the most essential parts of your kit in your carry-on bag, just in case.

One benefit of sharing your Flat So-and-So photo is that running friends may spot missing items (why no hat?), and you get a chance to educate your non-running friends (who will ask what those little pouches of Gu are for).