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Garmin takes runners in the right direction with release of new Fenix 5

Garmin continues to demystify the hunt for the right GPS watch with their latest addition: the Fenix 5.


The hunt for the perfect running watch is one that never seems to be over. In the early days of 2017 though, Garmin is aiming to steer fitness fanatics in the right direction– in more ways than one. 

By presenting their latest watch, the Garmin Fenix 5, they are hoping to put an end to the constant search for the right watch while also giving runners a compact piece of gear that will plan the routes for them. The watch comes in three additions: the Fenix 5, 5S, and 5X. 

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This newest multi-sport GPS watch that Garmin has put on the market addresses one of the concerns with previous additions: size. For those with smaller wrists that often find GPS watches to be just a little on the chunky side, the slimmer, smaller, sleeker, Fenix 5S is the answer to that problem. This model is more compact because as runners know, cumbersome gear is a no-go– no matter how flashy, or high-tech it may be. 

All the additions come with a longer battery life. As Garmin has advertised, it should last about 20 hours and can be worn to track activities 24/7. Another notable feature is the list of sports that the watch can now track. These include mountain biking, a separate function for indoor (think treadmill or track) workouts, and separate ski and snowboarding tracking options. It also comes with an improved and more efficient heart rate tracking system. 


Garmin has for a while now been a leader in the GPS watch game– and for good reason. Their watches prove to be easy to use, efficient and they cater to runner’s needs. That last one is the most important. It’s clear that Garmin knows runners well and has their needs, and best interests in mind. The Garmin Fenix 5 is going to give the brand more bragging rights with a new function that will especially appeal to runners across the board. Whether you’re an avid type-A runner hellbent on taking down that marathon PB this year or you’re putting your best foot forward and learning to run in 2017, the mapping setting is certainly one that will please.

Runners who rely on carrying their phones with them on the road or trail will appreciate being able to take along this watch which will show the route map on the display screen. This hot new piece of tech can also plan the route for you with its automated route option and, if you’re one who needs those updates to keep you motivated on those long-haul Sunday runs, this watch can also give notifications indicating the distance the the waypoint, and time and distance remaining in the run. 

If there’s one goal running and sports brands have in common it’s likely the desire to create quality gear that improves the training experience and cut outs the unnecessary hassles in the workout. Garmin does just that. It’s looking like 2017 is off to a good start with this new addition to the market.