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Garmin Vivomove: The watch that barely resembles an activity tracker

Garmin released a new watch this past week, the Garmin Vivomove, a fitness tracker that resembles a traditional wristwatch.

Garmin Vivomove

The latest watch from Garmin resembles more of a business wristwatch than it does a fitness tracker, which in some cases, is admittedly a good thing. The Garmin Vivomove was released on May 4 and is a sleek, minimal watch that doubles as a fitness tracker.

The Vivomove tracks steps, sleep and reminds the user when they’ve been inactive for too long. To notify the user of their inactivity, the watch has a “move bar,” which can be seen on the left and right side of the face. Move towards your goal, the bar on the left fills up. If you’ve been inactive, the bar on the right fills up.

The watch is also highly customizable and comes in five different colourways – black, white, stainless steel, gold and rose gold – and also has an interchangeable wristband. Bands range from US$30 to US$60 and the watch itself goes for between US$150 and US$300 depending on the colour.

The Vivomove does not include many of the features in Garmin’s GPS watches so it won’t replace a GPS watch if you wear one on your runs. According to Garmin, the Vivomove has a one year battery life. The watch is available for pre-order and is expected to be shipped out in the coming weeks.


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The watch is water-resistant to 50 metres meaning it’s safe to use while swimming or in the shower. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this watch pop up in the office or in a formal setting considering its sleek look and similarities to a traditional wristwatch.

Like other Garmin devices, the Vivomove is able to sync up to tracking software so you can keep a tab on your activity and sleep patterns.

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And remember, it’s fine to take watch selfies and post them on social media. Even the world’s fastest 1,500m runner, Asbel Kiprop, takes Garmin selfies like the rest of us recreational runners except his runs are really, really quick.

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