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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro: where style and everyday life meet fitness

Huawei isn't known for its watches, but with a wearable like the GT 2 Pro, that could change very quickly

Photo by: Nick Iwanyshyn

When you hear the name Huawei, you probably think about phones rather than running watches and fitness trackers. That is about to change with the company’s release of its Watch GT 2 Pro, the second iteration of the already-impressive GT 2. The Pro improves on its predecessor, adding a number of features that will help you get the most out of every run. With reliable GPS connection and tracking, accurate and always-on heart rate monitoring and more, the Watch GT 2 Pro will be the reason that you start to think of Huawei when you hear the words “running watch.”

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

A stylish watch

When it comes to watches these days, consumers are looking to satisfy at least one of three categories: style, everyday life and fitness. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro covers all three of these categories, providing users with an attractive wearable that assists them in their everyday lives and with fitness needs. The style category is pretty self-explanatory — people want a watch that looks good. The Watch GT 2 Pro certainly checks this box, with its sleek, cool sapphire-glass face and titanium body. As for the strap, this can be changed easily, meaning you can go from black fluoroelastomer during a workout to grey-brown leather for a meeting or night out (or a Zoom meeting and fancy night in) in no time.

An everyday watch

In terms of where this watch fits in your everyday life, it can help on a number of levels. You can upload music to your Watch GT 2 Pro, and it connects with any pair of Bluetooth headphones (like the Huawei FreeBuds Pro), meaning you can listen to your music wherever you go, even if you don’t have your phone with you. If you don’t have headphones with you, you can also play your music straight from the watch, and a two-way speaker allows you to have hands-free phone conversations (assuming your phone is nearby).

Another feature that everyone will love is the Watch GT 2 Pro’s battery life, which lasts two weeks per charge. That’s right, two full weeks for one charge, which only takes about an hour (if charging from zero or extremely low battery). On the rare occasion that you do find your watch is dead, a five-minute charge will give you about 10 hours of battery life, so even if you have a busy day of work or a long workout ahead of you, you’ll be covered from start to finish. The battery life decreases depending on how much you use the watch for runs, but even if you work out every day, it will still give you well over a week of power per charge, and runners in particular will find this to be a huge plus.

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

There are also weather updates, and you can set up notifications from your phone to view text messages. The Watch GT 2 Pro gives you everything you need in a smartwatch, and that’s not even including its lineup of fitness features.

A running watch

Other tech companies have produced smartwatches that also have fitness features. These are fine watches, and many of them work well, but it’s clear that fitness was not the top priority. With the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, it truly feels like fitness and running were key focuses when it was being designed, and that’s thanks to the watch’s many fitness features.

First, the GT 2 Pro is equipped to track over 100 types of exercise, including running, cycling, nordic skiing and more. You’ll be hard pressed to find a sport you’re thinking of trying out (maybe for cross training) that you can’t track on the GT 2 Pro. When it comes to running specifically, you can not only track your workouts, but you can even select running “courses” that come programmed in the watch. These 13 courses (which include tempo runs and interval training) vary in length, and you will be guided through each one by your watch, which will tell you when to speed up, when to slow down and when you’re finished your workout.

Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

The watch will also track your heart rate (not only during workouts, but at all times), your blood oxygen levels, your pace, total distance and total time active, just like other GPS watches. It can also tell if you’re running, so if you begin a workout but forget to hit start on your watch, it will alert you and ask if you’re running, meaning you can forget the days of finishing a run only to realize you didn’t track it.

Another feature that all runners (but especially trail runners) will like is what the Huawei team calls the “route back mode.” The watch of course tracks your workout via GPS, so if you get lost, you can use your watch to find your way back to your starting point. You’ll see a map and be able to return home without any hassle. Even if you’re on the trails and out of cell service, your Watch GT 2 Pro will have your back and make sure you make it out the same way you came. Finally, your workouts and fitness data will all be backed up on the Huawei Healthy app. Here, you can also view your sleep patterns, more heart rate data and all of your exercise history.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a watch that all runners will love. It’s not just another smartwatch that has some fitness features, it’s a fitness watch and smartwatch combined into one cool, lightweight design that could easily become the go-to wearable of many runners in the years to come.

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