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Inspirational water bottles

A reusable water bottle is a must-have for every runner (refilling a plastic one doesn’t count). While plastic water bottles are an unavoidable part of races, the rest of the time you should be making an effort to use an eco-friendly bottle whenever possible.

Staying hydrated all day will make your runs easier as well as help to keep your mental focus on work on school throughout the day.


This water bottle, though maybe not exactly ‘inspirational,’ will definitely turn heads at the gym or the office. At 0.3 litres, this bottle fits comfortably in any backpack or briefcase.

inspirational running bottle


This bottle is perfect for those moments when you don’t really feel like heading out the door for your run. Plus, it’s a bonus if you ran in the morning and take this bottle to work or school with you to look at all day and know that you did indeed, ‘make it happen.’


This bottle is crack-proof, spill-proof and speaks the truth that every runner knows. The stainless steal means it is 100 per cent BPA free too.


“I don’t sweat I sparkle”–well, I really wish this were true about myself. Nothing wrong with a little bit of wishful thinking, right?


Who else hears the line, “Hey, I saw you out running this morning/last night/last weekend!” time and time again. This is the perfect water bottle to match.


Does this one hit home for anyone? For this water bottle, you can customize to choose your own colour of font and glitter.


This water bottle is called the “Starbuff” water bottle. Perfect for any runner that is also a coffee lover.