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Introducing Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

The latest in wearable technology from Apple has some exciting new features for athletes

Photo by: Apple

Apple has announced many new upgrades for 2020, including a pair of watches with some exciting features for runners and athletes: the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. Series 6 is the next step for the company’s wearable tech, and Apple Watch SE is a great device at a more affordable price. The company has introduced so many cool and exciting features for the Series 6 and SE, but we’re going to focus on the things that make these watches great options for runners. From the new Fitness+ subscription to the heart rate monitor and more, here are all the reasons you should consider making an Apple Watch your next wearable fitness tracker. 

Photo: Apple

Fitness apps 

A lot has changed with the Apple Watch, but one thing that has remained the same with the Series 6 and SE is its tremendous exercise-tracking abilities with the Activity app (which will be renamed Fitness with the watchOS 7 update later this year). Current Apple Watch users will know that the device monitors your daily activities in three categories, represented by rings for Move, Exercise and Stand that gradually close as you approach your (fully customizable) goals in each of those three categories for that day. The Fitness tracker is a great way to stay motivated to hit your goals as an athlete, and this motivation can be exponentially increased by Apple’s newest program, Fitness+. 

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Fitness+ is a subscription service that will become available in late 2020, and it’s designed for users who own an Apple Watch along with other Apple products. Whether you have an iPhone, Apple TV or iPad, you can pair workouts with your Apple Watch to take exercise classes designed by a highly diverse, specialized team of trainers in various disciplines including running, HIIT workouts and much more. New Fitness+ content will be available on a weekly basis. It will cost C$12.99 per month or C$99.99 per year. All Apple Watch users can try the service out for free with a one-month trial to start, and new Apple Watch buyers (Series 3 or newer) get three free months. 

Work out with your Apple Watch and Fitness+. Photo: Apple

Blood oxygen levels and heart health 

Other interesting and even potentially lifesaving features of the new Series 6 watch are its ability to measure your blood oxygen level and heart health. Using infrared LEDs and photodiodes on the underside of the watch face, the new Series 6 watch can measure your blood oxygen levels, and will send you a notification if your blood oxygen level were to dip too low. Your blood oxygen data is saved for viewing in the Health app. 

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As with previous iterations of the Apple Watch, the heart health app monitors your heart rate throughout the day and during workouts, something runners always want to be concerned with.

The Apple Watch Series 6 uses infrared lights to measure your blood oxygen levels. Photo: Apple

Apple Watch body and bands

The latest Apple Watch comes in a couple of new aluminum case finishes and with a new style of wrist band – instead of a clasp or buckle, the band is now a continuous silicone “Solo Loop” that that comes in nine sizes and seven colours. A braided silicone band that comes in five colours is also available.

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The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $529, and the Apple Watch SE is $369. Apple Fitness+ is $13 per month or $100 per year. To learn more about all the latest from Apple, click here