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Introducing Mizuno Enerzy, the world’s first bubblegum shoe

The Japanese athletic brand released its newest running shoe, and it's just plain weird

Photo by: Mizuno

If you’ve ever run in a Mizuno shoe, you know what to expect. The Japanese company provides a comfortable fit that produces great results for many runners. Sure, the brand tends to stick with a traditional appearance for its shoes that hasn’t changed much in years past, but they don’t look bad by any means. Well, forget everything you knew about Mizuno, because the company just dropped its latest running shoe, the Enerzy, and it is anything but traditional. 

That reminds me of [insert something that isn’t a shoe here] 

Mizuno ads claim that the Enerzy provides runners with “ultimate rebound” and “ultimate performance,” but we can’t get past the look. The company’s always-reliable Wave Riders look like regular running shoes, and so do any other Mizuno designs, but the Enerzys look like manufacturers accidentally dropped a regular upper into a vat of bubblegum, shrugged and said, “Whatever, that’ll work.” 

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One Twitter user aptly compared the Enerzy to salmon caviar. Both are bubbly and bright, and the resemblance is uncanny. It also looks a bit like something you’d see at the start of a horror movie – benign enough at first, but then it begins to bubble and mutate until it takes over anything it touches. Not to say that the Mizuno Enerzy is an invasive species. It just looks really weird. 

Maybe Mizuno designers saw the Hoka One One TenNine trail shoes and thought they’d better take a shot at creating the world’s strangest running shoe. We may never know what inspired the Enerzy’s design, but anyone who would like to try a pair out themselves can head to the Mizuno website, where a limited supply of this unorthodox runner is available. 

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