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Lululemon Down For It All jacket: the winter running jacket that goes the distance

An ideal winter running jacket for the runner on your list

Winter outerwear has to strike a difficult balance – to be functional, it needs to keep you warm while allowing for fluid movement. When it comes to winter running jackets, this can be a tough line to walk. Most warm coats are too bulky, while others are low-profile but leave you cold. As a longtime Lulu fan (and dedicated cold-weather runner) I’ve worn many iterations of their winter running jackets, and none has been as good as the Down For It All jacket. Here’s why.

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Photo: Matt Stetson

Wide neck

A high and wide neck is key for any good winter jacket. Ideally, your neck is well covered, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re choking while running. This neckline, which is reminiscent of the ever-popular Scuba hoodie, is perfect for running. 

Great hood

A good hood goes a long way. This one stays on your head while running, without squishing your face or taking away your peripheral vision. 

Zoned insulation 

Zoned insulation means there’s goose down where you need it, and not where you don’t. The entire jacket is down-filled, except for the sides and armpits, which are made of Lululemon’s classic tech fleece fabric. When your winter clothes breathe better, you can stay dry and warm. 

Water-resistant (for real)

This jacket handles hail and snow really well, thanks to the Glyde fabric. While this jacket shouldn’t be necessary if it’s warm enough to rain (it’s intended to be worn in sub-zero conditions) it could probably tackle some light drizzle as well. 

Pockets galore

The jacket has four pockets, two with zips and two without. In the winter, chances are you’ll de-layer a bit as your run, and this jacket has the bandwidth to hold a discarded hat or pair of gloves, along with a phone and wallet – no problem. 

The arms are actually long enough

As a 5’10” woman with lengthy limbs, finding sleeves long enough for my arms is a challenge. Normally this isn’t a big deal – I’ll cuff the sleeves and make it look like I wanted it to fit that way, but when it comes to your winter jacket, your wrists need to be covered. If you’re a long-limbed person, this jacket (and its thumb holes) will keep your wrists and lower arms toasty from start to finish. 

One thing to note: the jacket fits a little small, especially if you’re planning to layer underneath. I’d recommend going up a size, especially for those who live in extremely cold places. The jacket costs $198 CAD and is available now, both in-store and online

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