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Lululemon survey says that comfort correlates with performance in the workplace

The study shows how clothing impacts workplace performance, culture and experience in a new hybrid environment

Lululemon has published a new study to help understand how their consumers’ workwear preferences have changed through the pandemic in transition to the hybrid working conditions. It reveals that there has been a shift in workwear, which reinforces lululemon’s belief – when you feel your best, you perform your best.


There were 20,000 people surveyed by lululemon, and 96 per cent of respondents said that comfort is the most important attribute in their clothing. Four in five people who are returning to the workplace hope that casual clothing becomes more common. The desire for comfort is expected, but the study also uncovers the impacts comfort has on work and the work environment. 

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Here are some key global findings lululemon found, which shows a shift into comfortable workplace attire:

  • Eight in 10 people say they perform better at work when they are dressed comfortably.
  • Three in four people feel that a casual dress code in the workplace helps them express themselves and build connections.
  • Three in four people say that the clothes they wear impact how confident they feel at work.


“In many ways, both working from home and a hybrid work environment have amplified what lululemon has been designing all along— versatile, distraction-free garments that move with you through changing conditions and activities, making the consumer feel confident and look sharp,” said Ben Stubbington, Senior Vice President of Design at lululemon.

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Additional findings discovered that millennials across the globe have the strongest opinions on today’s styles and are driving the shifts in retail and the workplace.