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Multiply your performance with the 2XU Vectr compression sock

The 2XU Vectr sock has a high level of compression to enhance your recovery

Step into a compression sock guaranteed to keep your foot secure for your most comfortable run ever. The Vectr light cushion compression sock from 2XU is designed to provide your foot with advanced arch support and graduated compression for faster muscle repair and recovery. 2XU is a compression sportswear brand out of Melbourne, Australia, focused on multiplying human performance for running, triathlon and cycling.

In a study done with the Australian Insitute of Sport (AIS), 2XU found that the effect of compression socks worn between repeated maximal running bouts has helped athletes improve their performance by 10.6 seconds over a 10 km run.

The purpose of compression is to isolate blood flow during exercise and provide more blood flow to a particular area. The socks are designed with a unique X-LOCK support system to lock your foot in place, reducing blistering during a run. The toe box features a wider knit for toe splay and to fit feet of all shapes. 

There is nothing worse than having a pair of socks that give you blisters during your run. The Vectr sock is completely blister-proof, intended to reduce friction and provide advanced arch and plantar fascia support. The sock has 2.5mm of light cushioning to add additional comfort for your runs.

The material featured in the sock is 88 per cent nylon and 12 per cent lycra – made up of moisture-wicking yarns and zoned mesh ventilation areas to keep your feet cool and dry. The socks have a compression level of 20-30 mmHg at the ankle and calf, which is higher than other socks on the market.

These socks are perfect for shin splints or calf pain, as they reduce the stress on your muscles. I find that wearing compression socks on a long run reduces swelling.

Does compression clothing work?

Another way of using compression socks is for recovery. Let’s say you crushed a hard workout, and you have an eight-kilometre easy run the next morning. When you wake up, your legs are fatigued – try wearing the compression socks to bed to speed up recovery and stimulate blood flow to those muscles. The 2XU compression sock is also great for long travel days or when you are spending 10 to 12 hours on your feet.

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These socks have helped me with a recent soleus injury, lessening the pain from my knee and the side of my calf. For marathoners, it makes sense to have at least one or two pairs of compression socks in rotation.