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New Polar GPS watch aims to leave no stat a mystery for avid runners

The new Polar watch aims to tell runners everything they need to know about their workouts and recovery time.

With fall racing season in full swing, runners seeing extreme improvements in fitness are often looking to keep better tabs in their progress.

Polar, a brand name that many have come to associate with heart rate monitoring technology, has just come out with a new GPS watch to help runners do exactly that. The Polar M200 is a well-rounded watch aimed to help runners of all abilities keep track of all their stats. From steps and calories to distance, pace, heart rate and sleep quality, Polar aims to leave no key piece of information in the 24/7 period unknown to the runner who uses this new watch.

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It also comes with personalized training guidance. For the solo runner who opts to run without a coach or club, this detail could be quite valuable. It works by having runners select a goal distance and then it uses their current fitness level to design a plan.

Need a spot to log everything? Polar Flow is the brand’s app and web-based service where runners can review daily, monthly and weekly progress. If a runner is the type who needs to stay tuned in to all alerts on the run, this watch has a vibration setting for calls, texts and social media notification. And for that runner who needs to be nagged or motivated to get out the door (you know who you are!) this GPS watch will give a little notification when it’s time to work out too.

This new piece of gear comes in five colours– blue, yellow, black, white, and red and a US $149 price tag.