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Nike Bra Haus: get bra fitted with Nike

The space is located next to the Nike Eaton Centre store and is open regular mall hours. They offer vegan and gluten-free treats, a ponytail bar, essential oils and a bra customization station

The Bra Haus is a space where women can get properly fitted for a sports bra, and it’s open tomorrow through Sunday next to the Nike store at the Toronto Eaton Centre. The pop-up offers vegan and gluten-free treats, a ponytail bar, essential oils and a bra customization station. 

The inspiration for the Bra Haus came from the 2015 London Marathon, where Nike polled hundreds of women on their experiences with sports bras. The company found that 80 per cent of women experienced discomfort or pain in their chest while running, and even more didn’t know their actual bra size. Especially when participating in a high-impact sport like running, finding the right bra is essential. 

At the Nike pop-up you can browse the bras before entering the fit process, where a Nike employee will fit you for your bra. First they take your measurements, then they ask about your primary activity, they ask what style of bra you like, and how much support you’re looking for. 

I was brought the Swoosh Pocket Bra, which I loved. The bra is long-line, and has multiple pockets to hold all your running essentials (keys, card, gels, etc.). 


Once you’ve chosen your bra, you can pick from a variety of a stamps to have ironed on, or opt to get your newest bra embroidered. 

If high support is what you’re looking for, Ekua Cudjoe, Nike representative, recommends either the FE/NOM Flyknit bra or the Rival bra. The Flyknit is the first-ever bra made from the same Flyknit material that is found in Nike shoes. This bra is 30 per cent lighter than other bras because it’s made from only two pieces of material. Its construction allows for a limited number of seams, to reduce chafing and promote comfort. It runs in sizes extra small through large. 

The Rival bra is Nike’s highest-support bra. The Rival has padded cups that promote movement in a butterfly pattern (side to side) as opposed to up and down, which increases discomfort. The bra has full support around the entire chest and is adjustable around the ribs as well as the shoulder straps. This bra is sized in lingerie sizes A through E.