Nike designs Toronto-inspired sneakers called “The 6”

December 4th, 2015 by | Posted in Apparel, Running Gear | Tags: ,


Nike has just earned more love from Torontonians this week with their launch of “The 6”– a pair of sneakers inspired by the city.

According to Nike, this design is to acknowledge Toronto relevance in pop culture from its influence in sports, music and entertainment.

The shoes are Canadian-designed by Erin Cochrane reports The Toronto Star. The name is a reference to Toronto’s nickname– The 6– coined by Toronto rapper, Drake. The pair is the classic Nike Air Max 1 with added details that are sure to make Torontonians swoon– purple liners mimicking the colour of the Aurora Borealis, the CN Tower on the soles, and “The 6” inscribed on the inside of the tongues.

Importantly, they are weatherized for Canadian winters. The outsole is given a rubber coating to prevent cracking from salted sidewalks (because Toronto) and the body of the shoes are made with Tech Tough coated leather, buck leathers, technical woven textiles and a waxed lace.

The sneakers will be sold in stores for $165 starting on Dec. 6.

Nike has also created shoes for London, Paris, New York and LA.