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Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% selling for nearly double their price on eBay

The Vaporfly has become such a desirable and rare commodity that runners are willing to spend $580 CAD on the shoe

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The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% has changed the running game. Since its release a year ago, the shoe has become one of the most popular pieces of gear on the market. 

The Zoom Vaporfly 4% has become such a desirable and rare commodity, that when consumers are able to find the shoe in-store, they purchase in bulk for re-sale. Currently, the shoe is selling on eBay for an anywhere between $360 and $580 CAD. That’s a huge mark-up on its MSRP of $330 CAD. 

The shoe was inspired by the Nike Breaking2 project, and since its release has been helping runners to fast times worldwide. The carbon plated midsole is what makes the shoe so effective. The midsole stores energy and then releases it as the runner moves through their stride. 

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The shoe has become so popular because it actually lives up to the hype. The New York Times recently did a study on runners performances while wearing the shoe. Using Strava data, The Times found that runners wearing the Vaporfly 4%’s ran three to four percent faster than similar runners wearing other shoes. 

The shoe’s enormous success has made them very difficult to find. Many sports retailers sell-out of the shoe within days of receiving their shipments, and even Nike struggles to keep the shoe on their shelves. They’re currently sold-out of the shoe online. 

Mike Anderson, co-owner of Blacktoe Running in Toronto said, “Anytime that we get the shoes in they sell out so fast. People email me five – ten times a week asking about them. I don’t do wait lists because they are such a hot commodity and I want people to have a fair chance at buying them.”

He continued, “I set a start time for when we will start selling them, so people can either wait outside of the store or buy online. I’ve shipped as far as Tokyo, and then obviously lots of locals will come and get them as well. Last time we had them in we sold-out within 90 minutes. People are really buying into the technology.”

This isn’t the first time Anderson has seen a shoe this high in demand, “When we started carrying the Adidas Ultraboost a similar thing happened. We would sell out within hours.”

The Vaporfly 4% demand hasn’t diminished at all from the perspective of Anderson’s store. He fully expects that their next shipment will sell-out as quickly as the previous.