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On Apple Fitness+ you can now learn to run

Apple Fitness+ is introducing new ways to motivate people toward their goals with Collections and Time to Run features launching on Jan. 10 

Photo by: Apple Canada

Apple Fitness+ is changing the landscape of accessible fitness with their new Collections and Time to Run features, launching on the Apple Watch on Jan. 10. The new Fitness+ features make it easy to get motivated and stay active anytime and anywhere, with a complete library of high-quality and diverse content to train your mind and body.

An inside look at Apple Fitness+ Collections. Photo: Apple Canada

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The first feature, Collections, is a series of workouts and meditations that are organized to help users improve a skill or reach a goal. Fitness+ Collections will provide Apple users with an entirely new way to get motivated. Collections suggest a plan to help users make planned training choices over months or weeks based upon their goals. 

One of the features on Collection is called, Run your first 5K, which provides users with a couch to 5K training program to get them running for 30 minutes straight. The program starts with short-run/walks and advances based on the progress you are making.

You can improve your balance and yoga poses with the new Collections feature from Apple Fitness+. Photo: Apple Canada

Here are the six Collections that will be available from Apple Fitness+:

  • A 30-day improve your core challenge
  • Improve your posture with Pilates 
  • Perfect your balance with yoga
  • Run your first 5K (A beginner couch to 5K training program)
  • Strengthen your back, stretch your hips
  • Wind down for a better bedtime

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Time to Run

Apple discovered that running is one of the most popular features on the watch. When they sat down and asked how they could improve runners’ experience on Fitness+, they created a new audio running experience to help users become more consistent and ultimately, better runners. Each audio episode features a popular running route in one of the world’s most iconic locations. Each episode is composed of inspiring coaching tips led by one of the Fitness+ trainers. The music on Time to Run is designed to match the intensity of the run and location to capture the spirit of the city.

Photo: Apple Canada

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Time to Run will kick off in three cities during its launch: London, Brooklyn, and Miami. Sorry, Torontonians, maybe a Drake and The Weeknd-inspired Toronto route is in the works. There will be one new episode of Time to Run released each week on Mondays. Runners of all levels can use this feature to stay motivated on their journey.