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Polar unveils a new, interactive way to relive your runs with GoPro footage

Polar recently announced that it is integrating training session data with GoPro footage, a feature that is expected to be available on the V800 this year.

Polar V800 GoPro

Runners will soon be able to relive workouts with overlaid training data. Fitness device manufacturer Polar announced on April 14 that it will be teaming up with GoPro to combine video footage with statistics related to running.

As can be seen in the above video, users will be able to replay their runs with training data integrated on the screen including heart rate, time, elevation and speed. Polar will release an update later this year to give owners of the V800 the capability to operate a GoPro as it films.

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Runners will also be able to use the V800 watch to operate basic GoPro commands and view the device’s remaining battery life. The Polar V800 is a high-performance waterproof watch which provides smart, accurate and live monitoring of various training sessions such as cycling, running and swimming, and also tracks 24/7 activity and sleep.


Currently, one of the more interactive platforms to relive training sessions is through Strava’s FlyBy feature, described as selected activities being “projected onto your activity path along all sections where you traveled the same path.”

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The Polar V800 retails for $619.99 in Canada. Users who already own the device can upgrade their software later this year to link GoPro with their Polar.

See the full video of the Polar V800 and GoPro in action below:

With excerpts from a Polar press release.