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PUMA launches sustainable collection for Earth Day 2020

Looking for some new gear to help get you motivated? PUMA launches a line today that promotes a socially and environmentally sustainable world

In February, Puma announced its collaboration with First Mile to produce a sportswear collection made from recycled plastic. First Mile is an initiative which spans Taiwan, Honduras and Haiti and collects bottles for reuse in hopes of promoting a socially and environmentally responsible world by reducing pollution and creating jobs. Now, in celebration of Earth Day (April 22), it’s announcing the second wave of the collection, which features a full line of performance shoes and apparel made from recycled yarn.

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“Earth day is an important reminder that we should be looking after our planet and constantly working on bringing our environmental impact in line with planetary boundaries,” said Stefan Seidel, Head of Sustainability for PUMA. “Our strategy is centred on continuously looking for more sustainable alternatives for our key materials and creating maximum positive impact.”


First Mile is working to ensure that bottles are sorted, cleaned, shredded and turned into yarn that makes products runners can feel good about.

“On this specific Earth Day, we are reminded more than ever how connected we are and how we depend on essential services to keep our communities safe,” said Kelsey Halling, Head of Partnerships for First Mile. “This collection celebrates not just the environment, but those individuals doing the critical work of waste management.”

The line

For runners who want to look as fast as they run, this line will be right up their alley. With beautiful (and sustainable) fabrics, thoughtful design and cool colours, these clothes work for those who are constantly on the move.

But the PUMAxFirst Mile collection isn’t just clothes, they’re releasing shoes as well. The PUMA trainers are designed for hard gym workouts, which are an important aspect of any running program. The shoe feature PUMA’s LQDCELL technology, which is the high-cushioned midsole to complement the layer of PROFOAM, which adds comfort. Together, the two foams make a shoe that’s stable enough for your one-legged exercises, and protective enough for jump squats. An added bonus? Adding a training shoe to your rotation means that your running shoes will stay fresh longer.

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The line features a mix of camouflage pattern, earth tones and a dash of vibrant colours–all great for a runner’s spring wardrobe. The line launches for Canadians on Puma.ca today.