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Race memorabilia DIYs

You’ve finished your race and made it home, still wearing your race t-shirt, bib and medal – now what? Don’t let your race memorabilia sit in your closet. Here are our top ten race memorabilia do-it-yourself projects.

1)   Collages

race bib art

The beauty of collages is that they don’t require a lot of artistic talent and therefore are a little more accessible to runners that may not consider themselves ‘crafty.’ You can make a collage on anything—canvas, coffee tables, wardrobes, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a collection of race bibs and/or photos and a glue-type of sealant. We recommend Mod Podge (they even have one able to withstand the outdoors).

2)   Coasters

race bib coasters

For those runners who frequently enjoy a post-run beer, there is no better way to commemorate racing achievements than personalized race bib coasters. All you need are tiles (available at most hardware stores), bibs, Mod Podge and felt stickers for the bottom to protect your table.

3)   Magnets

medal magnets

Another cool-project for the crafting newbie, all you need are a couple of medals (the ones that you really want to show off), mini magnets and a glue gun. Remove the medal ribbon, glue the magnet on the back and voila, you’re finished! You can stick your child’s report card to the fridge with an achievement of your own.

4)   Custom bags

Nowadays, most people have a collection of reusable grocery bags. Take your reusable bag to the next level by collaging your race bibs on the sides – you’ll turn heads in the grocery store.

5)   Christmas tree ornaments

medal ornament
Photo from Run Fairy Run blog.

If you have a few medals that are too cool to remain in a closet year round, but are hesitant to display year-round, take the middle ground and display them only during the holiday season. All you have to do is shorten the medal ribbon – you can do this any way you’d like and you have shiny new Christmas tree ornament. We like the look of cutting at the top and then tying a bow.

6)   Curtains

race bib curtains Julie-Anne Staehli

This project requires a little more craftiness, but the final result is well-worth the effort. Choose a fabric for your curtains (make sure that it is lightly-coloured, or else you won’t be able to see your bibs). Use a scanner to create images of your race bibs and then print them onto wax paper. This allows you to iron the scanned bibs onto the fabric. This past season’s CIS cross-country champion, Julie-Anne Staehli was kind enough to send us a photo of her race-bib curtains for inspiration.

7)   Quilts

race bib quilt
Photo from A Trail Runner’s Blog

What is there to do with all those old race t-shirts? For those with sewing experience (or those who are game to try something new), try making a patchwork quilt out of race t-shirts as a fun way to commemorate your experiences. Just make sure you wash them first if you wore them during the race!

8)   Wallpapers

race bib wallpaper
Photo from All My Eyes

This is a project for the seasoned runner with a lot of race bibs and perhaps a basement wall lacking personality. All this project takes is some wall paper glue, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. If you’re not ready to commit to the permanence of wall paper, magnet paint is another option to allow you to display your bibs. Extra credit if you stick your bibs up using medal magnets (see above).

9)   Shadow boxes

This is a classy way to commemorate an entire race all in one go. Nestle your race bib, medal and race photo in a simple frame and wait for the compliments.

10)  Donate

If DIY isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for a worthy home for your old race medals, check out Medals 4 Mettle, a charity that collects runner’s donation medals and gives them to patients undergoing their own marathon of a battle with serious illnesses.