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Reebok is using NASA-grade technology to bring you the perfect bra

Reebok is encouraging women to find not just any sports bra, but the right sports bra

Reebok is encouraging women to find not just any sports bra, but the right sports bra. Their newest bra is part of a quest to create sports bras that are equal parts attractive and functional.

Reebok has done this in the Pure Move Bra using their Motion Sense technology. The bra is designed to move with you no matter the activity, “Shear-thickening fluid (STF) turns into a liquid at slow speeds and a solid at quick speeds. Because PureMove is treated with Motion Sense technology, this means the fabric will naturally stiffen on the treadmill and release when you’re hanging in the locker room, providing support AND comfort.” Fun fact: STF is also used in NASA space suits. 

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I wore this bra for a cross-country workout. I ran four kilometres to practice, did about eight kilometres of intervals, then ran home, which is roughly another three kilometres. It was a 36-degree day. 

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This bra was amazing. It wasn’t too tight, but also didn’t move around. The bra also breathed extremely well, which was a huge asset considering the heat. It’s designed with only seven pieces of breathable material, and there are no clasps, hooks or underwires. This means that there’s nothing to make the bra uncomfortable.

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The bra comes in black and retails for $70 CAD. Reebok has also introduced half-sizes to accommodate those won don’t fit into the typical four sizes of extra small through large. The Pure Move Bra comes in size extra small through double extra large.