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REVIEW: Saucony Peregrine 10 ST

The trail shoe designed for sloppy conditions that can also tackle winter running

When Saucony designates a shoe for sloppy terrain, you know they mean business. Their ST (sloppy terrain) version of the Peregrine 10 is great for the trail runner who live in really cold or muddy climates and really lives up to the name they gave it.

Category: Neutral cushion
Drop: 4mm
Weight: 281g for women’s size 9
Available: January 1, 2020
MSRP: $149.95

One of the biggest changes to this trail running shoe is an update that almost all of the shoes across the company’s line up are receiving–the new PWRRUN cushioning system. PWRRUN, which replaces EVERUN, is lighter and snappier than the previous midsole material. It’s 25 per cent lighter, to be exact, with a more responsive cushioning. PWRRUN is still a TPU foam (the same as EVERUN) but it’s made of beads, similar to Adidas Boost foam.

Peregrine 10 ST

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On top of the PWRRUN, the PWRTRAC outsole is what makes this shoe stand out. Not only is it good in muddy and wet conditions, but this trail shoe performs on snow as well. The lugs are further apart than most with 6.5mm in between each to (older models of the Peregrine only had 6mm between the lugs). This update provides the runner with optimal, anti-slip grip.

Peregrine 10 ST

The upper of the shoe has a reinforced toe and high-abrasion mesh, two factors that help keep the runner’s foot dry on wet days. The high abrasion mesh that’s on the toe of the shoe is designed to be breathable without allowing water to enter the shoe itself. The upper also features a lock-down lacing fit that keeps the foot secure on bumpy terrain.

My one criticism of this shoe is also my praise–that it’s really good in tough conditions. If the conditions are bad, this shoe preforms phenomenally, however if the conditions are good, opt for something different. Because the lugs are so deep, the outsole isn’t intended for flat, dry road. This she is meant to sink into snow and mud or keep a runner balanced in sloppy conditions, not run on dry pavement. However, when this shoe is on its intended surfaces, it’s awesome. I did several messy runs on snow-covered roads and felt totally secure and sure of my footing.

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If you’re looking for a shoe to cover everything from winter running to spring mud to rocky terrain, the Peregrine 10 ST is a good bet.