All photos: Matt Stetson. Freedom 2.

Runners lead busy lives. You’ve got work, meetings, training, and down time. Every aspect of your day is important, and you need a shoe that can take you from one activity to the next.

Enter the Saucony White Noise Collection. The White Noise Collection is a special edition colourway of several of the company’s bestselling shoes. The shoes have a white upper with light blue or pink accents on the sole. The Saucony logo is an iridescent silver, and so is the mesh overlay. The shoe’s simple design and colour scheme makes them complementary with any workout or business attire. 

The White Noise Collection, with its understated looks, was inspired by a busy runner’s need to focus and relax. The shoe’s look is a reminder to to block out external distractions (the white noise) and focus on the task at hand, whether that means a workout or just work.

As a track athlete and a writer living in Toronto, I lead a pretty busy life, so style and versatility are important to me. I wore the Kinvara 9, Ride ISO, and Freedom 2, and all three shoes were able to take me through my day from practice, to coffee, to work. 

Kinvara 9.

The Kinvara 9 is my track shoe of choice. It’s a light and fast shoe with a 4mm drop, which I love. The Kinvara allows me to feel the road or track, and move easily through my workout. This is a great shoe for a runner who likes a ‘natural’ feel when they’re training. 

The Kinvara is a versatile piece of gear that many runners use as both a racing and training shoe. 

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Kinvara 9.

For me, the Ride ISO is the ideal long-run shoe. I’m an 800m runner, so a long run for me is roughly 14 kilometres, which I know is on the shorter end for many marathon or half-marathon runners. But this shoe could easily be used for a run in the 25-30 kilometer range. The Ride ISO has a generous amount of cushioning, while maintaining its relative lightness. 

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Ride ISO.

The Freedom ISO 2, which is the successor for the Freedom ISO, is the perfect all-around shoe. I would call this my desert island shoe. It’s extremely comfortable and versatile. The low heel drop of 4mm provides a natural feel, while being cushioned enough to go the distance on a long run. This shoe is quite flat, making it a great gym shoe if that’s part of your fitness routine. 

The White Noise collection includes technically proficient shoes with a subdued, stylish look. Each of these shoes can get the wearer through a great workout, and then take them to an important meeting.

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