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REVIEW: Sugoi’s Zap Tech clothing line

The pants, jacket, hat and mitts to keep you visible and stylish through the winter

Sugoi understands that the fear of not being seen is enough to deter the most enthusiastic runner. This is why they’ve integrated Zap technology in their winter running line, offering runners the confidence they need to keep them going through through the colder months.


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Sugoi Firewall 180 Zap Tights

Runners want the confidence of being seen, without resembling a Christmas tree. Thankfully, Sugoi’s Firewall 180 Zap tights’ subtle pattern is extremely impactful when it comes to grabbing the attention of those around us. By day, the Firewall 180 Zap tights disguise their safety features but come nighttime, the zap technology featured on the back and sides on the pants will give you full visibility on the road.

Sugoi has cleverly integrated the Zap technology into the Mid Zero fabric that is loved by their customers. Strategically placed on the back and side of the legs, the technology highlights the moving parts of the body to clearly identify the shape of a runner. The technology is designed to reflect at any given angle, and catch the light of everything you pass on a run.

Photo: Matt Stetson

The fabric is mid-weight, water-resistant and thermal, all ideal traits for a winter run. The thicker, thermal fabric on the front of the legs is wonderful when it comes to tackling stronger winds. It does come at a small price however, as I found the extra weight and material got a little heavy in wet conditions.

The single draw cord helps keep the tights in place, and there was no fumbling around trying to find the tail end; the part that commonly disappears into the waistband with other brands. The waistband is thick for the women’s tights, which is keeping with the company’s findings that women prefer this style. 

The pockets have been carefully designed to avoid unwanted bulges and still house your essentials: phone, keys and wallet. There’s no shortage of storage options with Sugoi’s Firewall 180 Zap tights either. Not only do they have a small key pocket and slightly larger rear pocket at the waistband, but they also boast a seamless, secure pocket on the leg, which is the perfect place for a phone. 

Sugoi Zap Training jacket

Sugoi’s Zap Training Jacket is equally stylish. With all over Zap technology, it’s the most impactful item of the line when it comes to visibility. But this jacket isn’t just practical, I would be more than comfortable wearing it to meet non-running friends.

Photo: Matt Stetson

The Zap Training Jacket offers a comfortable fit that is fitted but not baggy. The water-resistant fabric keeps you warm and dry, although it is water resistant and not water proof. This means that the jacket is breathable but it does give way to a little dampness on the shoulders in heavy downpour. The Vancouver-based brand has designed the Zap Training jacket with a longer tail to keep you dry for longer.

The front pockets are a great size although I preferred to use the pants to secure my belongings, as I’m not a big fan of items bouncing about whilst I run. 

Sugoi Zap Wind Mitt

The Zap Wind Mitts are fabulous and have become my go-to for every run. Sugoi has applied the Zap tech on the outer surface to enhance visibility and help identify you as you move. They also have the added benefit of slipping a pair of gloves on underneath the mitten shell for the coldest days.

Sugoi Zap Training Tuke

Similarly, the mid zero fabric of Sugoi’s Zap Tech Tuke keeps you warm and snug. The reflective Zap tech strip towards the bottom of the hat wraps around the head for full visibility. The Zap Training Tuke is a bit on the roomy side and sits quite tall on your head (but good news for those with long hair or ponytails).