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The UA Sonic 2 has an improved upper on top of everything you always loved about their snappy HOVR foam

The Under Armour took a good shoe (the original HOVR Sonic) and made it even better. The HOVR Sonic 2 is an improved version of the Sonic, which launched last year. Still a completely HOVR midsole, most of the updates have been made to the upper. Enhanced cushioning on the tongue and a thin layer of fabric beneath the engineered mesh makes the Sonic 2 upper even better than its predecessor. The external heel counter locks the heel in and guides the foot through the stride.

Drop: 8mm
Men’s weight: 269g
Women’s weight: 235g
MSRP: $119.99 CAD
Cushion: Neutral
Available now

We tested this shoe on the roads, well-packed trails and in the gym to see if the Sonic 2 is just as well-rounded as its predecessor–and it passed the test. The shoe is also priced fairly, at only CAD $120, making it affordable without compromising on quality of ride.

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UA Sonic 2. Photo: Maxine Gravina.



The upper is where most of the Sonic 2’s upgrades have been made. The flat-knit upper is reinforced with a liner to make the shoe a little more wind-resistant, while ensuring that it’s entirely breathable. This is a pretty ideal Canadian update, because unfortunately, it does snow in April. The tongue also has added padding to ensure that the shoe sits comfortably on your foot and that there are no distractions during your run.

UA Sonic 2. Photo: Maxine Gravina.


The midsole is still full HOVR, which is Under Armour’s signature foam. HOVR is a firm and snappy foam that provides a smooth ride and high energy return. This means that the shoe is light and fast enough to do your tempo in, but can also go the distance of a long run. I also used the shoe in the weight room, and its flat base and limited rocker allowed it to transition well from running to strength training.

This shoe really feels like a desert island shoe. If you’re interested in having one shoe for everything, the Sonic 2 is a good buy. If you’d rather have a little more specificity from your shoe, check out the UA Infinite for your long run and the Velociti 2 for your speed work.

The company has updated its connected shoe experience, bringing runners data collection that you can’t find anywhere else. In each HOVR 2019 shoe there is a chip embedded in the right heel that can calculate pace, stride length and distance run and provide feedback on your training progress. This data is all connected and downloaded to your phone or watch through the Map My Run app.

UA Sonic 2. Photo: Maxine Gravina.


The outsole is where companies can skimp on materials and most consumers won’t notice. But Under Armour kept their outsole durable with a full sheet of pure blown rubber. The rubber on the outsole is also cut horizontally to allow for natural movement and flex underfoot.

Note: At 0:34 of the video the outsole was referred to as the midsole. That’s a mistake, the outsole is made of blown rubber not the midsole.