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REVIEW: Under Armour HOVR Infinite 3

The UA Infinite is the ideal easy-day running shoe, coupled with a great outsole to combat slick Canadian roads

The Under Armour HOVR Infinite 3 is the second iteration of their easy-day running shoe. This trainer is UA’s version of the Nike Pegasus or Saucony Ride and is certainly competitive with the other brands’ easy cruisers. The Infinite is one of the plushest of UA’s new releases (link) and is a great choice for a neutral runner’s recovery shoe. With updates to the upper and outsole, the Infinite 3 is a great shoe with a place in any runner’s rotation. 

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Drop: 8 mm
Stack height: 28 mm
Weight: 302 grams for men’s size 9
Available: March 2021
Price: $150 CAD

Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn

The upper

The upper has undergone the biggest changes, with an added layer of material over the mesh. This layer is highly breathable, but adds a nice locked-down feeling to your run. The heel collar is well cushioned and I didn’t find any hot spots in this upper. Like the other UA shoe models, the Infinite really nails the upper. 

Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn

The midsole

Not much has changed between the midsole of the Infinite 1 and the 3. As in the first version, the midsole is entirely HOVR foam, and fully connected, with the embedded chip. While limited changes were made to this part of the shoe, it does its job very well, so why fix what isn’t broken? The HOVR remains perfectly plush, without feeling like you’re losing too much energy to the shoe. It’s an ideal ride for that 8 K you have to do after work – when you want to feel like your legs are recovering, not doing too much work. 

On top of the comfortable ride from the midsole, the shoe’s connectivity is great for those who prefer to run without tech. Over the course of your workout, your shoe will gather data on your stride, route and ground-contact time (among other things) to give you coach-like feedback on that day’s effort. 

Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn

The outsole

The Infinite’s outsole is its shining star. In wintry conditions, the deep grooves and combination of blown and carbon rubber are impressive. Without producing a shoe that feels heavy, UA managed to make an outsole that can really go this distance in the winter months. The outsole is also quite durable and withstood a few weeks of running in messy conditions without noticeable wear. 

Final thoughts

Overall, this shoe is a great trainer. While it’s a little on the heavy side for workouts or races, it’s a dream for your after- (or before-) work run, when you’re just looking to get the miles in. The Infinite is a perfect accompaniment to UA’s other shoes, such as the Sonic 4 for workouts or the Veolciti Wind for race day. 

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