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Run the Olympic marathon course from anywhere with this interactive app

The RioRun mobile application available through a phone's web browser allows users to run the Olympic marathon course from anywhere.



Wishing you were in Rio to get a taste of the Olympic marathon? A new app, developed by The Guardian, gives runners a chance to tour the marathon course from anywhere in the world. The mobile feature, known as RioRun, is an interactive podcast that guides you through the Olympic marathon course.

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The interactive route can be found at RioRun.theguardian.com. It’s only available on mobile devices but there’s no downloading required. All of the app’s features can be found through safari or web browser on your phone.



The mobile app uses GPS to track your pace, distance and time and audio clips will be unlocked when you reach certain segments of the course. You can save your distance after each run so you can cover the entire 42.2K course over a span of a few days or two weeks, the length of the Olympic Games.

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As you reach certain points on the course, pre-recorded audio clips play featuring facts about the course, surroundings and history. You’ll hear from a hall of fame track and field coach as well as some of The Guardian‘s South America correspondents.

How to use the RioRun app

1. Type in RioRun.theguardian.com and load the website on your mobile internet browser. Make sure to have location services on and headphones in for optimal audio. If you’re indoors getting in the run, there is a treadmill option.

2. Run at your own speed. Segments will save so you can take your time doing the route.

3. Earn badges and awards. The awards are earned based on distance and hitting particular checkpoints.

The women’s marathon, featuring Canadians Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene, is set for Aug. 14. The men’s marathon, with Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis representing Canada, is Aug. 21, the final day of the Games in Rio.