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Rockay socks: the environmentally conscious choice for running gear

Rockay is bringing runners gear that's good for their feet and the environment

Runners are an environmentally conscious bunch. With that in mind, runners are always keeping an eye out for items that are created and produced sustainably. Rockay is a brand that does just this, making an eco-friendly sock for runners who want to reduce their footprint.

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Rockay socks are created from 100 per cent recycled materials. The socks start as ocean waste items, such as dredged material, industrial waste and fishing nets, which the company collects. The waste is brought to Econyl, a plant that converts it into usable high-tech sportswear (nylon yarn), which is then used to sew Rockay socks.

The ecological benefit of the socks is doubled by their odor-free feature. Rockay socks have Polygiene coating, which covers the sock in a low concentration of silver chloride. The silver has antimicrobial properties (also known as anti-stink properties), meaning the socks don’t need to be washed as frequently.

For runners who like to keep it minimal, their best bet is the Accelerate sock. This sock has performance cushioning, breathable mesh with a seamless toe (to keep blisters at bay) and a small reflective detail on the back. Due to its breathability, this is an ideal sock for a sweaty summer run or miles on the treadmill. The Accelerate sock can be purchased individually for $15.99 or in packages of three, five, nine and 12 at a discounted rate.

You can find Rockay socks at rockay.com.