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Running item I can’t live without: leg warmers

Low section view of barefoot young woman adjusting leg warmers on autumn day

Runner: Josephine Baran

I live in Edmonton so even when its warm, it can be cold especially early in the mornings. I could not live without my wool leg warmers. They keep my Achilles from getting too cold and can be pulled up to my knees or worn with or without tights. Oh, and let’s not forget the fashion aspect.

Currently I’m sporting a pair of bright orange ones with a big brown button on the side that my mother knitted for me. I also pick them up at our local farmers markets.

About my running: 


I run when I can. I have three kids, a full-time job and a dog. Sometimes that means early morning runs but sometimes I go late at night or during my lunch break. I aim for 45 to 60 minutes of running. Sunday mornings are sacred though. I get up early enough that very few people are out, I leave the music behind and get 90 minutes of zen.