Electronic devices for all types of runners, looking to track speed, distance, heart rate and calories.

Ambit $549 (with heart rate monitor)
“Suunto AMBIT GPS watch with gps, altimeter and 3d compass”

For extreme outdoor explorers, the Ambit combines a GPS navigation system, altimeter and 3D compass, built-in to the watch. The optional heart rate monitor makes this a high-end training product for trail runners, backcountry skiers, hikers and climbers. The Ambit uses the latest tracking technology, combining GPS signals and accelerometer data to ensure quick and accurate readings, even in the most remote conditions. Synch the data online for analysis and future workout planning.

Forerunner 610 $399 (with heart rate monitor)
“Forerunner 610 touchscreen GPS sport watch”

The Forerunner 610 is Garmin’s first touchscreen GPS-enabled training watch for runners that accurately records time, pace, distance and much more. With just a few taps of the screen – an improvement from the Bezel of previous models – you can choose training options, plan workouts and customize the display. The 610 also features vibration alerts, advanced heart rate training and compatibility with certain fitness equipment. When the workout’s done, you can send your data to Garmin Connect’s online software, where you can plan, analyze, store and share your runs.

Health Touch Plus $95
“Timex Health Touch Plus Heart Rate Monitor”

A simple, easy-to-use watch that tracks heart rate, distance, calories and steps, the Health Touch Plus is a boost for any beginner’s training program. It’s an update to last year’s popular Health Touch, which now includes a built-in accelerometer to measure steps and distance, and a seven-workout memory. While it won’t give you the same accuracy as a GPS unit, it also doesn’t require any calibration, it’s smaller and – at less than $100 – less than half the price of the more complex models. The heart rate monitor operates with a finger-tip touch rather than a chest strap,

RCX3 $350 (with heart rate monitor, GPS); $310 (with heart rate monitor, s3+ stride sensor)
“Polar RCX3 with Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, and stride sensor”

When it comes to detail, Polar’s watches are tough to beat. The new RCX3 offers a sleek, lightweight face, with a thin wrist strap for the women’s model. Geared for the serious runner, there’s a variety of statistics and viewing options to track pace, heart rate, distance, calories, training zones and fitness progression. You can store workouts in the watch and transfer to online software for detailed analysis. There are two options for the measuring pace and distance with the RCX3: choose either the GPS armband, or the s3+ stride sensor footpod. The footpod option will also track your cadence. The RCX3 can also be synched wirelessly with Polar’s bike computer (sold separately).

SportWatch GPS $250
“Nike+ SportWatch GPS”

Updated with new colours this summer, Nike’s popular GPS watch is a comfortable and stylish option for runners looking to track speed, pace and distance. The watch strap snaps snugly on your wrist and the large numbers are easy to read. Partnering with TomTom for GPS technology and compatible with the Nike+ system, the SportWatch GPS operates in a simple and intuitive manner. It has three buttons and a tap screen, and the GPS works with or without a footpod.

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