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The company's flagship shoe is back with another iteration, and it's as comfortable as ever

Photo by: ASICS

Anyone who has worn a pair of ASICS Gel-Nimbus trainers knows that the shoe is one of the plushest on the market. The shoe has been around for more than two decades, and ASICS recently released its 23rd iteration. The Gel-Nimbus 23 was designed differently for men and women, but in both cases, it is the softest and most comfortable ride from ASICS, which is saying a lot, considering how well-cushioned earlier versions of the shoe were. This is a shoe that’s built for the long run, and ASICS has done the Nimbus name justice, because a run in this shoe feels about as close to running on a cloud as you can get. 

Shoe category: Neutral 

Available: Now at asics.com

Drop: 10 mm 

Weight: 310 g for men’s size 9, 250 g for women’s size 7 

MSRP: $200

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The upper

The comfiness of the Gel-Nimbus 23 starts in the upper, which features engineered mesh that is incredibly soft. The upper wraps around the foot in a nice hug that’s tight, but not too tight. The tongue is fastened to the upper itself, preventing it from moving too much while you’re on the go and potentially rubbing uncomfortably against the top of your foot. The Nimbus 23’s plush upper makes it an ideal shoe for long runs, and even if you’re out for hours on end, foot pain or discomfort will not likely be an issue. 

Photo: ASICS

The midsole 

While the shoe’s upper makes for a comfortable hug, the midsole underfoot provides the cushioning that creates such a soft ride. Firstly, the midsole contains ASICS’s FlyteFoam technology, which is lighter but more durable than midsole cushioning found in other shoes. It’s also designed to be quite bouncy, which helps with energy return.

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The word “Gel” is in the shoe’s name, and that’s not just because ASICS thinks it sounds cool. The company’s gel technology stretches the length of the shoe, protecting your foot from heel to toe and working to absorb the shock of every step. This is especially important as you go longer in the Nimbus 23. If you go out for a 20K or 30K run, you’ll literally take tens of thousands of steps, and having cushioning like FlyteFoam and ASICS’s gel between your foot and the asphalt will go a long way in saving your legs and providing a more comfortable run. 

Photo: ASICS

The outsole 

When it comes to the outsole of the Nimbus 23, it’s all about durability and stability. The team at ASICS designed the shoe with the company’s TRUSSTIC techonlogy, which is a thermoplastic material that can be found under the arch of the shoe. This increases stability, working in two different ways for the men’s and women’s shoes. In the women’s Nimbus 23, the TRUSSTIC thermoplastic offers support for forward motion, because, as ASICS has found, women tend to collapse their arch vertically. In the men’s shoe, the TRUSSTIC adds support toward the inside of the shoe, because men tend to collapse more inward. 

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The outsole is also equipped with ASICS’s AHAR Lite rubber, which is lightweight and extremely durable. Finally, there’s one more gender-specific feature, and that’s found in the forefoot of the outsole, where the grooves line up differently to improve your transition from contact to toe-off every step. 

Photo: ASICS

Final thoughts 

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 is a phenomenal trainer, and it’s perfect for runners who enjoy going long. The Nimbus 23’s upper is so comfortable and soft that you could probably get away with taking it on a long run right away, even before you’ve broken the shoes in. Once they are officially broken in, you won’t have any issues or discomfort while out training. Like previous iterations of the Gel-Nimbus, the midsole and outsole of the 23s are built to last and designed for a plush ride from start to finish. If you’ve used Gel-Nimbus shoes before, you’ll be extremely happy with the latest version from ASICS, and if you haven’t, then get ready, because after you try these, you’ll be a lifelong fan.