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SHOE REVIEW: Nike Pegasus 37

Nike's most beloved trainer is back with some big updates

Its oldest running shoe, the Pegasus is also Nike’s staple training shoe, and it’s great for a long or easy run. It’s light enough for a workout but has the cushion to support beat-up legs on a recovery day. Their 37th version came with some big changes, including a complete foam update, but overall, this shoe still feels like the Peg you love.

Category: Neutral cushion
Drop: 10 mm
Weight: 235 g for women’s size 5.5
Surfaces tested: Gravel, road
Available: Now
MSRP: $155.00

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The midsole changes

For the first time ever, the men’s and women’s shoes are different. Nike put what they call a Zoom Bag in the front of the shoe, but the pressure of the bag is different between the two genders. Through testing, Nike found that women wanted a plusher ride, whereas men wanted a stiffer shoe–that’s why there’s a five-PSI (pounds-per square inch) difference between the two shoes.

Beyond the Zoom Bag, the biggest difference with the new version is the React foam. React is lighter, more responsive and more durable than the Cushlon foam used in previous versions. These two changes create a firm shoe with a springy ride.

It doesn’t feel like the React Infinity

Despite having the same foam, the Pegasus 37 doesn’t feel like the React Infinity. The Infinity has a significantly more noticeable rocker and less structure to the upper, making for an entirely different ride. The Peg, with its sturdy upper and natural movement, feels more like a traditional trainer. So don’t purchase this shoe as a stand-in for your React, because it’ll feel quite different.

The upper

The upper is engineered mesh with traditional lacing. Nike also kept the padded heel collar. A notable improvement to the upper is the subtle tongue, which sits flat on the foot and didn’t move while I was running.

The outsole

The shoe kept its waffle outsole, as per Pegasus tradition. This outsole works really well on wet or dry roads and loosely-packed gravel.

Final thoughts

This no-fuss shoe is one I’ve always loved. It’s perfect for a recovery run or tempo, stable enough to use in the gym and is super durable. I like wearing this shoe on my easy days (roughly 15K at a comfortable pace), because I feel protected without getting weighed down by a bulky shoe. For new runners or folks who run a lot of miles, this affordable shoe has a place in your lineup.  The upgrades to this shoe provide the wearer with a welcome pop without adding weight to an already light trainer. One thing to note is that the Pegasus tends to run a little narrow, so if you’ve got a wider foot, this might not be the shoe for you. The Pegasus 37 retails for $155 CAD and is available now.