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SHOE REVIEW: On cloudrunner

The Cloudrunner takes the impact out of asphalt, delivering a soft and comfortable ride for your daily mileage

Do you do the majority of your runs on paved surfaces like sidewalks and roads? If the answer is yes, then On’s latest shoe, the Cloudrunner, may be just what you need. Designed with comfort and support in mind, this shoe will soften your landing no matter how hard the surface is below your feet, allowing you to run comfortably, mile after mile.

Available: April 21
Price: $169.99
Weight: 300g (men); 250g (women)
Drop: 9mm

The upper

The Cloudrunner’s comfort starts with the upper. Made of engineered mesh, it’s soft and breathable and wraps nicely around the foot without being too snug, which makes it ideal for long runs when comfort is more important than speed.

To make the shoe more supportive, the brand has increased the width of the bottom unit in the forefoot and the heel area, so you land and push off on a wider platform, again. At first, I was concerned about the wider forefoot, thinking it might be a bit too big or feel sloppy, but I didn’t have that problem at all. The shoe is constructed well to accommodate a wide variety of foot types, and I found it to be comfortable and snug without being too tight. If you have a narrow foot, however, you may want to try before you buy to be sure.

The midsole

The Cloudrunner uses On’s signature CloudTec cushioning combined with Zero-Gravity foam to absorb both vertical and horizontal forces as your foot strikes the ground. A sculpted heel cradle also allows your heel to sit in the cradle, rather than on top of it, which makes your feet feel even more comfortable and supported.

I wouldn’t exactly describe the ride as plush, but it definitely felt like I was landing a little more softly, which was a welcome feature for me, since I’m coming back from an injury and trying to take it easy on my body. If you’re new to running or you’re coming back after a layoff, this shoe is a great way to reduce some of the impact as your body gets used to the pounding that’s involved in running.

The outsole

On has made a few changes to the outsole with the Cloudrunner. Specifically, the brand has tuned the geometry of the clouds (those bubble-like openings on the bottom of the shoe) to be smaller on the medial side and larger on the lateral side to support the foot’s movement from heel to toe.

The first time I ran in these was only a few hours after a very wet snowfall, and despite the fairly slick conditions, I felt I had great traction on the sidewalk. These definitely do provide good support to your foot as well, and the changes in the clouds made for smooth transitions with every step.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think On delivers on its promises with the Cloudrunner. The shoe is comfortable and supportive, and although it’s quite different (and much bigger) than what I’m used to wearing, I didn’t find it overly clunky or cumbersome. If you’re a new runner looking to be comfortable as you log your first few miles or you’re increasing your mileage to prepare for your first marathon, the On Cloudrunner is a great option to give you the support you need and a comfy ride.