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SHOE REVIEW: Saucony Triumph 18

Saucony's most highly cushioned trainer got an outsole overhaul

The Saucony Triumph 18 is Saucony’s most highly-cushioned neutral trainer. The shoe is designed to be the Cadillac of easy run shoes, that will keep you feeling supported and fresh on recovery days, in preparation for your harder workouts. This is the shoe that offers the most cushioning of any Saucony shoe, and it’s what you want when you’re going for a feel-good recovery cruise or a long run. 

Photo: Matt Stetson

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Men’s size 9: 315 g
Women’s size 8: 275 g
Drop: 8 mm
Stack height: 32.5 mm
MSRP: $194.95 CAD
Available: Now

The major changes

The Triumph has been around for a while, and the 18 refines some of the big changes that were made to the 17. The 17 did away with EVERUN, replacing it with the very bouncy PWRRUN+, the company’s premium TPU midsole foam. The 18 still has that same bouncy midsole, but the outsole has been overhauled. The 18 replaces the crystal rubber with a high-abrasion rubber that covers the entire bottom of the shoe. 

The upper

The upper is quite similar to the 17 – it’s still an engineered mesh, but with new overlays to allow for a little more structure. I always find the footbed in Saucony shoes to be particularly comfortable, and this shoe is no different. It tapers at the back to accommodate a smaller ankle but widens in the forefoot to allow for toe splay. The shoe also comes with a sock-like band that wraps around the midfoot to keep everything in place (and avoids tongue-bunching). 

The midsole

PWRRUN+ is a great midsole. This iteration of Saucony foam is a winner for me and has taken me through many training runs. It’s well-cushioned but snappy, a rare combination that I find ideal. This foam is used across most of the brand’s models now, with the exception of the Endorphin Pro, which uses the PWRRUN PB version (which is 40 per cent lighter but also more expensive and a little less durable). 

The outsole

The outsole is where the shoe has seen most of its changes. As mentioned above, the crystal rubber has been replaced with a new higher-abrasion version and additionally, the triflex design allows for more flexibility and quicker transitions. On several rainy runs, this outsole held up well. It also performed on loose gravel and entry-level trails. 

Final thoughts

This shoe is an easy day or long run shoe for those who need more cushion. While I found it a little stiff, I like a sturdy running shoe, so it worked for me. If you’re someone who prefers a plusher ride, consider a shoe like the Endorphin Shift for your off-day run, which provides a slightly softer feel. However, if you’re looking for a wider foot bed and a well-cushioned ride, this Triumph is a great choice.