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Meet your new short-distance racing shoe: the Nike ZoomX Streakfly

Got a 5K or 10K on the racing calendar? Nike's latest offering will get you to the finish line faster

designed specifically for athletes racing and training on the roads for the 10k and 5k distances, the Nike ZoomX Streakfly is the latest addition to the brand’s racing line. This shoe was made to close the gap between what Nike offered for the full and half marathon and what the brand offered for competition on the track, while still offering a comfortable, lightweight, propulsive ride with more connection to the ground.

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The specs

Weighing in at 155 g for a women’s size 8 and 185 g for a men’s size 10, the Nike ZoomX Streakfly features a 6mm offset, putting it between a traditional racing flat and the highly-cushioned Vaporfly. The shoe is made with a full-length ZoomX midsole, the lightest-weight, most responsive foam Nike offers.

Instead of a full-length carbon plate, the Streakfly is made with a midfoot Pebax plate, which offers just the right amount of stiffness while increasing your connection to the ground, giving you more control and creating a more aggressive feel with each step.

The upper is made of a lightweight engineered mesh to give you protection where you need it and shed weight where you don’t, and the contoured heel pod creates a comfortable fit to keep your feet happy.

Finally, the outsole was created with a generative traction design to give you optimal traction the entire time your foot is making contact with the ground, from landing to toe-off.

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“Anytime we develop a new shoe, we look at how best to put our components together for the unique needs of the athlete we’re trying to solve for,” says footwear product manager Elliott Heath. “What surfaces will they be running on? What paces and race dynamics are they preparing for? All of that influences how much of each ingredient we put into the final recipe. The Nike ZoomX Streakfly leverages learnings from our marathon racing models, as well as our distance track spikes, but is a unique formula engineered specifically for the needs of the 10k and 5k athlete competing on the roads.”

The Nike ZoomX Streakfly is designed for elite athletes and everyday runners who are trying to push past their limits on the roads. For runners perhaps not wanting to make the jump into spikes, or those running on a surface that doesn’t allow them to be in spikes during their training, the Streakfly is a perfect solution.