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Nike self-lacing shoe retails in late November

The most intelligent running shoe on the market is to be out late in November.


The world’s smartest running shoe is available late this fall.

Nike’s “self-lacing” sneaker appears to be the type of thing only seen in futuristic movies but as of late-November, these shoes that do up all by themselves are available to runners. They retail on Nov. 28.

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The pair, named Hyper Adapt 1.0, is the solution to shoe laces that easily fray or come undone as well as shoes that, when laced up, leave uncomfortable pressure points on a runner’s upper foot. Built with a sensor that determines when a runner’s foot is inside the shoe, the shoe has an upper that will automatically tighten to fit snugly around one’s foot. The sensor triggers the underfoot mechanism which is linked to wire laces that weave through the upper and wrap around the foot for a custom fit. Then, buttons on the side can be used to adjust whether the runner needs the shoe to be tighter or more loose.


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This is the first of many shoes of its kind. By releasing this shoe, Nike intends it to be the first step in coming up with the ultimate shoe that will tighten, adjust and know when during the run it needs to loosen, and when it needs to cling tighter to the foot.

Right now, a price hasn’t been revealed but considering the technology involved, runners should probably expect to shell out some serious bucks.

To see the self-lacing shoe in action, check out the video below.