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REVIEW: UA Flow Velociti SE

If you liked Under Armour's Flow Velociti Wind, you're going to love the SE

Earlier this year, Under Armour released the Flow Velociti Wind, a lightweight, all-around trainer for runners looking for a more minimal shoe with a snappy, fast feel. Their newest model, the Flow Velociti SE, is a new-and-improved version with all the characteristics of the first Velociti Wind, with a few small changes that, in this writer’s opinion, makes the shoe even better.


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Drop: 8 mm
Stack height: 26 mm
Weight: 235 g (men’s), 221 g (women’s)
Available: Now
Price: $160 CAD

The barely-there shoe

The Flow Velociti Wind was already an incredibly light shoe, but Under Armour managed to shave off a few more grams in the SE to make this version so weightless, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a shoe at all. The fully knit, sock-like upper is strategically woven to lock your foot in, while the bootie construction at the opening makes them easy to get on and allows the shoe to contour to your foot. The one issue the I (and many others) had with the Velociti Wind was sizing — the shoe ran small, forcing most people to purchase a half-size up. UA seems to have fixed the sizing issues with the SE, and the toe box in this shoe had plenty of room for my toes without feeling sloppy.

The midsole

The SE has the same Flow midsole as the Wind, which provides a firm ride with a nice pop-0ff at the toe for a responsive, snappy feel. While this shoe may not be a great choice for runners looking for more cushioning, I enjoyed how the firm midsole made me feel more connected to the road, while still providing a nice rocker to propel me forward. I noticed myself picking up the pace during my easy runs with these shoes on, and loved them for tempo runs and longer intervals.

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The outsole

Just like with the Wind, UA used its one-piece Flow technology to eliminate the need for a rubber outsole, which is what adds weight to many other trainers. Despite how light it is, the material is still very durable and provides a lot of traction, so you can feel secure taking these shoes out in wet conditions. As I said, these shoes are so light, it’s easy to forget they’re even on your feet – perfect for the runner who wants the lightest shoe possible.

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Final thoughts

I loved the Flow Velociti Wind, but I loved the SE even more. During easy runs, these shoes made me feel like I was cruising and they responded perfectly when I wanted to pick up the pace during workouts. Like the Wind, this is a very neutral, minimal shoe, so if you’re someone who overpronates or who needs a little more support and cushion, this may not be your best choice. If, however, you’re like me, and you love a close-t0-the-ground, barely-there feel, the SE is an excellent option for easy runs, tempos and even your next time trial.