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Treat your feet right with the Saucony Guide 10

The newly-released Saucony Guide 10 makes fast feel a little bit faster as the stability shoe is streamlined making it light yet supportive.

Saucony Guide 10

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Now in the midst of fall, running conditions will continue to change in terms of temperature and footing in the coming months. Sturdy enough to handle the changing conditions is the Saucony Guide 10.

The Saucony Guide 10 has all the makings of a stability shoe: Firm midsole, wider landing area and a firm heel to keep the foot in place. Even with the added features that one would think adds weight to the shoe, the Guide 10 checks in between 8.9-10 oz. depending on women’s and men’s models.

With an Oct. 1 release date, the Guide 10 is a strong shoe for the colder fall and winter months. The breathable mesh is visible upon first glance but there remains an additional layer that will keep your feet warm and dry on training runs. You cannot see through the mesh to your socks, for example.


The wicking ability comes courtesy of the RUNDRY collar found inside the shoe. It’s like having an additional sock inside the shoe that keeps moisture away from the skin.

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The essentials:

Release date: Oct. 1, 2016.
Type: Light stability.
Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm (27mm to 19mm).
Weight: Men’s: 10 oz. Women’s: 8.9 oz.
Available sizes: Men’s: 7-13, 14, 15, 16. Women’s: 5-12
Price (MSRP): $170.
Terrain tested: Road, crushed gravel and trail.
Kilometres tested (so far): 100. (Includes a long run and recovery runs.)

One of the first things that runners will notice when trying on the Guide 10 is the protection on the inside of the shoe in the form of cushioning. The EVERUN Topsole material keeps the foot snug in place without having any pressure points that may cause hot spots. Because of the firmer midsole and added stiffness, the Guide 10 performs well on asphalt for those limited to city running.

The majority of the kilometres we put on the Guide 10 were on longer, easier runs with a mix of crushed gravel trails and paved pathways. One tester who is regularly split between a men’s 10 and 10.5 was able to fit into a size 10 without issue.

In terms of looks, the Guide 10 comes in four colourways in both the men’s and women’s versions. The featured shoes you see above are the Grey/Black/Blue colourway in a men’s 10 as well as the Teal/Navy/Pink colourway in women’s 7.

The midsole is particularly prominent on the Guide 10 because it provides additional support for runners who land on the outer edges of their heels and roll inwards. By having a stiffer heel and midsole, the shoe adds support where overpronators need it most.

The sole of the shoe is very consistent and offers a wider landing area for the heel to toe transition as the foot hits the ground and takes off. The somewhat shallow grooves prove beneficial as no pebbles or debris got caught on the underside of the shoe.

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Look for the Guide 10 at run-specialty stores now. Check out Canadian Running‘s list of local retailers.