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Small items for every runner’s bedroom


The runner’s bedroom looks a little different than the average person’s. If you run regularly, you likely have many of these items stashed away in your living space. Moving or redoing the room? Keep these things in mind:

Medicine ball. Having one of these in your room comes in handy and can make a difference with how many strength sessions you fit in. If you have it, you will see it there and make sure to use it. A small one will easily fit on a book shelf or find its place in the back of the closet.

516617411Foam roller. Every runner needs one. If you’re not already, make a habit of rolling out those knots and stiff muscles after a run or workout. See our tips on how to use one.

Exercise ball. Got a desk in the bedroom? Using an exercise ball versus a chair goes a long way in terms of strengthening your core and it requires no extra time. Why not get some strengthening in while firing off those emails or finishing that report?


Jump rope. The jump rope takes up next to no space at all but it’s a great way to add to your workout or cross train, especially so during winter on days you can’t convince yourself to go outside.

Shoe rack. You need to keep all those shoes organized. If you’re a runner, you know to swap pairs and that no pair serves all purposes. From trail shoes to racing flats to Goretex-lined sneakers, you’ve laundryaccumulated quite the collection.

Yoga mat. This is a staple even for the runner who doesn’t do yoga. Keep a mat for doing core workouts and general stretching. 

Covered laundry hamper. If you run several days a week, you have more sweaty clothing in your room than most. You want a lid on that laundry hamper to keep the rest of the bedroom from smelling bad.

OrganizerScented candles. Several pairs of running shoes, sweaty shorts and mini strength workouts can be smelly. Don’t let it build up. Keep air fresh with a scented candle.

Storage for gear. You need a place to put all this. Luckily there are a lot of different ways to keep these items organized.