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Breast bounce, chafing, loose straps and too-tight bands are all results of an ill-fitting sports bra. And they can ruin your run. Where shopping for the right running shoes might be a challenge for some runners, just getting a sports bra that fits proves to be nearly impossible for others. There’s a large portion of female runners who don’t fit into the cookie-cutter small, medium, large sports bra sizes we see in many stores. You might be large in the band but small in the bust or vice versa. If that’s the case, finding a sports bra that comes in your everyday bra cup size is likely to just cut out the stress. If you’re in-between sizes, here are some of our top choices on the market: 


Shock Absorber: Ultimate Run Bra 

Why we love it: This Shock Absorber Bra comes in women’s lingerie bra sizes. Besides the fact that it should fit like a glove, it has two stand-out features. First of all, unlike most high-support bras, this one isn’t laden down with hefty padding. In fact, it has no padding whatsoever. That means that it’s not going to feel heavy or bulky and it won’t become sweat logged. While some runners may think that no pads translates to no support, that’s not the case. Because the sizing is cup-size specific, this one hugs the body offering the utmost support. The second notable feature here is that there are not one, but two cross-ways back straps. By adding the upper back cross-strap, Shock Absorber has distributed the weight in two different areas. This company specializes in sports bras, and it definitely shows. 

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Nike: Pro Rival

Why we love it: Whether your band-size is 30 or your cup size is DD, Nike will provide your size in the Pro Rival model. Here we have a maximum support bra that actually fits. Runners won’t feel any bounce or band slippage during the run because this one is designed to support while staying firmly in place. Adjustable shoulder and back straps are essential for many female runners and Nike doesn’t disappoint. The practicalities have been seen to but for many of us, looks matter too. This bra is designed with a flattering plunge and it also comes in many colours making this an easy favourite. 


Moving Comfort: Maia Bra 

Why we love it: Moving Comfort is Brooks’ women’s line and it understands female runner’s needs. The sports bras in this line are high-quality, supportive, comfortable and functional. But they’re also playful with fun, bold patterns and colour schemes that are anything but boring. The Maia bra in particular is a smart high-support bra that includes wide straps that won’t dig or cause red marks for the fuller breasted runner. We love that the neckline is higher up here too. It’s supportive and modest so if other sports bras show too much cleavage, this is your new best friend. While many high-support bras of this category accidentally become the granny panties of sports bras, Moving Comfort doesn’t make that mistake. With it’s bold, fun print, the Maia Bra gives support while staying perfectly on trend. 


Adidas: Energy Boost Bra 

Why we love it: It’s basic black and versatile enough to be worn as an everyday bra or for your most important race. This one here is as trustworthy as sports bras come. Adjustable in the shoulders and back, runners will like that they can tailor it to suit their needs. If you’re a narrow-shouldered runner who has issues with straps falling down mid-run, the cross-back prevents that. We’ve put this one through several washes and kilometres and can say it hasn’t lost its shape or support yet. 


Under Armour: High Impact 

Why we love it: Available in cup sizes ranging from A to DD, Under Armour’s High Impact bra is set to suit runners of many different body types. We like that this one is on trend while also being functional. It looks good enough to be worn solo and because its sizing is so specific, we trust it enough to wear it on the long run. For women who love the classic racer back bra but need just a little more support from it, this is a wise choice. With this bra, Under Armour has taken your favourite features of your everyday bra and fused it with the classic sports bra. You’ve got molded cups, a hook-and-eye adjustable back, sweat-wicking fabric, and comfy gel-lined straps. Nice!  


Buband Strap

Why we love it: Designed by a Calgary woman, this strap is supposed to be the answer for women who have been in the habit of doubling up. The Buband is a strap to be worn on top of the sports bra to put an end to bounce. For women who just can’t find the right piece of gear, this could finally put an end to sports bra confusion. 

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