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Stoko K1 Tempo: CONTEST

Canadian Running and Stoko Designs have teamed up to give one lucky winner a pair of Stoko K1 knee-support tights

*Contest Alert*

Canadian Running and Stoko have teamed up to give one lucky winner a pair of Stoko K1 Tempo supportive tights. To enter, fill out the form below with your name and email. Be sure to also check off the bonus entries to increase your chances of winning. 

Good luck!! 

What is the Stoko K1 Tempo?

Recently, Stoko released an updated version of the already popular K1 supportive tight. The K1 Tempo is designed specifically to provide lower body support for running, training and everyday use. The K1 Tempo supportive tight is designed for athletes looking to add all the support of a traditional knee brace in a modern and far less bulky tight. For athletes with knee issues, you know the idea of bringing/wearing your bulky knee brace is a pain. We hear all the time that people forgo the extra support when going for runs, hikes and backcountry trips, due to the size and inconvenience of a traditional brace, and would rather risk further injury, which is not an ideal scenario.

The Stoko K1-Tempo solves this by providing a medical-grade brace built into a stylish and high-performance running tight. The K1 Tempo comes in 3/4 length and includes the proprietary Embrace System, pockets designed to securely and easily carry your phone and keys, ventilation for those hot runs/training days and multiple colour options.

For those without existing or previous knee injuries, the K1 Tempo tights also offer a multitude of benefits that help runners perform their best. Going beyond just knee support, Stoko has repeatedly received feedback from athletes reporting that the K-Line products also improve lower back and hip pain, and a  decrease in patellofemoral pain. Additionally, targeted compression zones throughout the tights help minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), allowing all runners to benefit from faster recovery times between runs. Lastly, the K1s can help support imbalances in a runner’s stride while allowing them to maintain their full range of movement.


Stoko K1 Tempo Supportive Tights – Contest