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My Style: Globetrotter, Banker, Mileage Counter

By day, she dresses ultra chic for her formal office. When training, this 28-year-old runner switches to versatile staples

Since she first started running while working overseas, Toronto-based banker CLEO LI tries to incorporate the geography of her running roots into her racing schedule. “This year I’m planning to do the Paris Marathon, GoodLife and then Scotiabank,” the 28-year-old Li says, “I use races as a checkpoint to see where I am mentally and physically throughout the year.” Plus, the Paris Marathon gives her the opportunity to link back up with some of her colleagues who first (positively) peer-pressured her to take up the sport. “I was working with a lot of runners,” Li laughs, “so they pushed me to run that first kilometre, and then I was hooked.” Instead of Canary Wharf and Greenwich in London, now Cleo heads out to the Toronto waterfront for most of her training.

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