Kick the bland black tights to the back of the gear drawer, these pieces are crazy and full of colour– add some spice to winter’s dull days with the best printed running tights the season has to offer.

Nike Printed tights

Fold up those basic black tights and retreat them to the drawer. As the dark, grey days of winter continue to drag on, runners have at least one way to perk themselves up: wearing bold, playful prints on the run. While everyone else hurrying on snowy streets is dressed in basic black winter wear, runners can take advantage of the fun patterns that The_North_Face_Pulse_Tights2the best running brands are offering right now. We collected a few of our favourites. These styles are going to make you want to take a break from the go-to black tights. Dress those limbs in these trendy new prints — just prepare for all the double-takes you’ll get on the streets while running.

The North Face Women’s Pulse Tights, $64.99

If there’s one thing that The North Face consistently gets right, it’s style. This outdoor brand never makes boring gear. How they are always coming up with new creative designs and colour pairings, we don’t know. Their apparel is always new and always interesting — we can never pick our favourite piece. These pulse tights are more than just pretty though. This mid-weight fabric is ideal for milder winter days as well as the transition into spring. These tights are also super soft and made with the brand’s FlashDry material, they will wick the sweat away too.

MEC_Sanctuary_TightMEC Sanctuary Tights, $58.00

These tights are one of the more subtle picks in this batch. Runners who like understated colours and patterns but want a bit more excitement than a solid black or grey tight will love this one. This charcoal option will go with flashier tops or your favourite pair of bright shoes to tie the outfit together without going overboard. The thicker, flat waistband is something runners will appreciate too — nothing is more annoying than a pair of tights that rides up and down during the run.

Adidas Track Legging, $70Adidas_track_Leggings2

Adidas knows they design cool gear and that’s why they can get away with scrapping creative patterns and just going bold with their logo. It works. This pair of tights is one of Adidas’ new pieces of apparel and adds a fun twist to your standard basic black and their quality will definitely be felt during a long run.

New Balance Performance Printed Tight, $89.99

New_Balance_Accelerate_Tights2This pair is form flattering and of course, their bold purple print makes quite the statement. With there on, runners won’t be afraid to dress in plain gear or solid colours up top. New Balance makes good quality apparel so runners don’t have to worry about uncomfortable restrictive gear while they are out for a long run. The fabric should be quick to dry and the thick waist band will stay sturdy and in place. Ruching on the ankles is a nice additive — proof that New Balance pays attention to detail.ASICS_Fit_Sana2

Asics Fit-Sana Reversible Tight, $75

Solid on the inside, patterned on the outside. These tights give runners the best of both worlds. This print is fun without being over-the-top or tacky — a sure favourite for many runners. Reversible gear is always a nice option to have — for $75, it feels like you get two pairs in one. The best design element with these ones is the inner pocket so runners can bring keys or cards on the run.

Brooks_Greenlight3Brooks Greenlight Running Tights, $90

There are actually four different colours and patterns that come under the same name here: green, grey and two pink-purple options. Brooks is giving women something fun to run in an going well above and beyond the basic black. Who ever said that running tights should be boring?

Each pattern is creative and cool-looking– it’s hard to pick just one that stands out. It’s nice when brands like Brooks are always keeping the gear options fresh and new. Running can be gruelling so it’s important to have little picker uppers wherever possible and oftentimes, that means looking forward to having a fun outfit to put on. Whatever works!



NF_MotusThe North Face Women’s Motus Capri, $74.99

We couldn’t choose just one pair from The North Face. Spring might seem far away but really, it won’t be long until running are shedding the layers and reaching for capris instead of full length tights. When that happens, these capris are one of our favourites. The fabric on these is incredibly smooth making them easy to run in or a comfy choice for throwing on after a sweaty workout. These capris tights are reflective, easy to layer, stretchy and have zipper cuffs on the bottom making them easier to slip on and off.Saucony_Fast_Track_Crop2

Saucony Fast Track Crop Tight, $80

An inner drawstring is often a lifesaver. When choosing tights to run in, this handy little feature makes the pair worth purchasing. Not only will runners get to adjust the waist according to their own size and personal preference, but having this feature also prolongs the lifespan of the gear. Saucony has been getting into the athleisure trend lately and they are spot-on with their designs so far — we’re a fan. What makes this black and white option especially interesting is the built-in mesh panels. Not only does this give them points in the looks departments, but also, when the weather warms up a little, they are a well-ventilated option. Saucony is using its Powerluxe fabric in this design too. Designed to pull sweat away from the body, it keeps runners from feeling soggy and damp as they complete their intervals.

Stella_Techfit_TightAdidas Techfit by Stella McCartney, $130

The partnership between Adidas and Stella McCartney is one of the best things that ever happened with active wear. McCartney is known for using bold colours and chunky, blocky patterns. That works well in these tights — they look original and god enough to wear to coffee dates or whatever else runners have planned for later in their day. Plus, everyone on the track will be jealous. Nike_Powerspeed

Nike Power Speed, $185

These Nike tights are designed to give runners support in key areas, namely the IT
band muscles and the calves. Runners who like running in compression tights will love the way this pair hugs the legs to give support. The look is sleek, the fabric is even more so. They feel super soft and feel sturdy when fit properly. This is a design that will have runners feeling like a speedy super hero on the track. A back pocket gives these tights something extra — as runners know, whether it’s cash, lip balm or keys, there are always a couple small items that need to be carried along on the run.

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  • Rosario says:

    I’ll stick with my Danskin running tights from Walmart for $9.98.

  • Diana says:

    I want to buy leggings but have no idea about the types of workout leggings . This post has been very really useful to me .Adidas leggings might be the one I would buy. I love the design, Adidas is a great brand so I am not worried about the fit or the comfort.

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