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The most controversial running outfit ever assembled

Running gear generates a weird amount of controversy, so we made the most controversial outfit we could think of.

Running gear can be polarizing. There are a few debates about what’s considered proper running attire that can cause friends to become enemies, relationships to dissolve and lines to be drawn – so we compiled the most controversial outfit we could think of. The most polarizing gear trends that we noticed this year were visors vs. hats, running with shorts over tights, and spring-loaded shoes.

Photo: Matt Stetson.

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This entirely functional, but polarizing, running outfit would draw comments from nearly anyone you ran with. Here’s a breakdown of the outfit we constructed: 

Photo: Matt Stetson.

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A visor

The running visor is making a comeback in a big way. Lots of major running brands like Lululemon2XU and Saucony have come out with lightweight, stylish and effective visors for men and women, accompanying their staple lines of hats. But many runners say that there’s no way they’d ever put one on. 

Pit Viper Sunglasses

Pit Viper says the their glasses, “demand respect and authority.” The lens colour shown is called purple nurple. Some love these glass, some hate these glasses. 

A cell phone band

A cell phone arm band is great for carrying your phone with you on a run, and gives you the option of listening to music while you log your miles. But some runners, like Malcolm Gladwell, would suggest that running with music is “soft”, while other won’t leave the house without their tunes. 

A hydration pack 

There’s a time and place for a hydration pack, but runners debate that time and place. Certain runners won’t run longer than 10K without one, and others consider anything under 50K as hydration pack optional. 

Photo: Matt Stetson.

Shorts over tights 

This one is for the men in particular. Are shorts over tights maintaining your modesty or an unnecessary layer?

Socks over tights 

Is it tights over socks, or socks over tights? We’re not sure, and it seems like no one else is either. 

The Enko running shoes 

Enko created shoes with a revolutionary cushioning system that has piqued runner’s interest. Some don’t even consider these running shoes, while others have bought into the new form of cushioning. The shoes have shock absorption of up to 25 mm thanks to the spring attached to the sole. The Enko stores all of the energy from your stride and gives it back to you as you move forward, making it a racing assistive shoe.