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Three ways Saucony is making a mark with its Athleisure line

For Canadian Running's latest gear of the week, we take a look at three Athleisure pieces from Saucony's latest line of clothing.


The thought of integrating running attire with casual attire doesn’t always have to result in jeans and running shoes, the stereotypical faux-pas of runner’s fashion.

Saucony’s new Athleisure line of apparel, designed with athletic features but meant for use inside and outside of sport, is fading the lines between athletic performance and lifestyle needs. The line is known as the Life on the Run collection.

Saucony’s Track Star Hoodie.

1. Track Star Hoodie

MSRP: $140

This is the type of top that you know is going to be comfortable just by looking at it. It’s athletic enough to take on a run (which testers did, usually in sub-zero temperatures). The women’s version features thumb holes on the wrists (the men’s edition does not) and has a half-zip and spacious front pockets which can double as handwarmers.

The deep, scuba-shaped hood also fits well enough that it won’t flap around during a workout session (either running or at the gym) while also providing an avenue of warmth. Plus, need we say how trendy this one looks? Saucony scores big on style points with this one.

2. Left Lane Short Sleeve

MSRP: $80

This short sleeve, the type of piece that acts as a base for workout apparel, is as versatile as it is appealing and offers ventilated back panel to keep runners dry during their warmup and cool down.

Don’t be that person who┬áshows up to the gym wearing a cotton t-shirt that absorbs everything. Invest in a wicking short sleeve to prevent standing out for the wrong reasons (smelly and sweaty). Plus in this, you can easily go for coffee after crushing a gym session and feel proud to be wearing your workout attire.

Saucony’s Speed Demon Jogger Pant.

3. Speed Demon Jogger Pant

MSRP: $100

With fitted ankles, these jogger pants have been a fashion trend across all industries recently, including jeans and khakis. None are as comfortable as the Saucony Athleisure Speed Demon Jogger Pant, however.

With insets at the knees, the pant offers a wide range of motion, good for lounging or hitting the gym. The Speed Demon Jogger Pant is just another example of running apparel becoming more diverse for everyday use.

The Life on the Run collection also includes the Sprint Tank ($60) and the Fast Track Crop ($90).