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Tips for buying running shoes online

How to order the perfect pair of shoes online

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If you’re dusting off a pair of running shoes that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, there’s a good chance that they need to be replaced. Running has become one of the few viable exercise options for Canadians. Gyms and recreation centres have closed, and as a result, people are lacing up shoes they haven’t worn in years, and avid runners are tearing through their sneakers faster than usual. (Running is as much stress relief as it is training, at this point.)

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However, if your shoes are toast and you’re looking to buy a new pair online, here are some tips for finding a pair that’s hopefully right for you. While trying before you buy is ideal, there are ways to get the perfect pair by ordering online.

Measure your feet (your size is probably wrong)

This is the number one mistake that runners make when buying shoes. So many runners are wearing the wrong size which can lead to longterm food issues (side note: some women’s feet change sizes after pregnancy). If you’re buying shoes for the first time in years, be sure to measure and double check the size.

Pro tip: you want about a thumbnail of space at the front of your shoe, when you’re standing up. Your feet swell over the course of your run.

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Look up reviews

Check out shoe reviews of the model you’re going to order. Companies are always changing up with fit and foam technology. So the shoe you loved three years ago is likely very different now. Reviews will highlight the major changes to the model, and allow you to decide if they’ll work for your foot.

Use the categories

All online stores that sell shoes will divide them into categories. This helps shoppers to find the section, and subsequently, type of shoe that they’re looking for. If you’re looking for an everyday trainer, resist the urge to purchase a sleek speed shoe. They look cool, yes, but when ordering shoes online, stick to what you know. Save the experimental purchases for an in-store visit.

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