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Tracksmith launches their first running shoe

Meet the Eliot Runner, a stylish high-cushioned running shoe suitable for everything from easy runs to tempos

Photo by: Tracksmith

After eight years of creating high-quality, vintage-inspired running clothing for that everyday miler, the Boston-based running brand Tracksmith has come out with its first running shoe.

The shoe, which Tracksmith is calling the Eliot Runner, uses Pebax foam to provide a perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness with their traditional vintage esthetic, and it’s suitable for everything from easy runs to tempos.

The brand expresses that its goal has always been to design products to meet the specific needs of the committed runner: “Although we launched the brand with apparel, footwear has always been a strategic priority given the significant role it plays in a runner’s daily life,” said Tracksmith founder Matt Taylor.

The brand hopes to follow in the footsteps of newer brands like On and Altra, which have made a big splash in the running shoe market as the demand for shoes shows no signs of declining.

“We worked for several years to develop an everyday trainer that would address the fundamental needs of this athlete: versatile performance over a range of speeds and surfaces, with the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness,” says Taylor.

Photo: Tracksmith

The name of the shoe, Eliot, is inspired by the brand’s origins in Boston–the hare logo on all of Tracksmith’s clothing is called Eliot, which references both the Eliot Lounge in Boston (the legendary runner’s bar) and the Eliot Bridge loop, a popular running route in the city.

The initial release of the Eliot will be a limited run of sizes and will not be in stock online until November. You can reserve your spot in line for the shoe here.