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Tracksmith may have created the most ridiculous piece of running apparel

For US$168 (international shipping not included), you too can lounge in the Tracksmith Post-Run Robe

Tracksmith recovery robe
Photo: Tracksmith.

Tracksmith brings together the worlds of running and surfing, which seemingly have nothing to do with each other.

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The New England-based independent running company released a post-run robe, which retails for US$168 plus US$15 shipping (excluding duty, if you’re in Canada, that translates to roughly CAD$230). A slight consolation is that with this purchase, you get a free No Days Off poster with a January purchase.

Photo: Tracksmith.

The recovery apparel, available in black and gray, is the brand’s “experiment in solving some of the post-race and post-long run problems that plague cold-weather runners.”

We’re runners first and foremost, but that doesn’t stop us from embracing other sports during our downtime. New England isn't known as a surfing mecca, but it is home to some solid cold-water breaks. From Cape Cod to the New Hampshire coast, Tracksmith employees enjoy getting out on the water throughout the year. The Atlantic’s always-chilly temperature means we rely on surf changing robes after a session. These pullovers let you take off your wetsuit without exposing your body to chilly air or prying eyes. After a few too many attempts at changing behind car doors after a rainy run, we realized that a changing robe for runners might be the answer to a common post-workout problem. Thus, the Post-Run Robe was born.

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The apparel, designed like a pullover, is said to be a “different kind of robe” while appearing to basically be a traditional robe at the same time. Tracksmith says, for best results, “go for a run, don your robe, grab the foam roller and find a fireplace.”