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What to wear when… running in the dark

We have months of darkness ahead of us. With night running comes the need for fun reflective gear that will also stand up to chilly winds.

Let’s face it: in mid-November, we have months of dark days ahead of us. At this time of year in Canada, we’re getting the least sunlight and our days are at their shortest. That means that, unless you’re doing all of your runs in the afternoon, you are either faced with running before the sun rises or during the dark hours that take up the evening.

When running in darkness, it’s important to wear gear that is going to get you seen by road traffic as well as those who you share the sidewalk with. Before heading outside, do a check: are you visible? Making sure that you are is crucial for winter running. Luckily, there’s no shortage of fun-looking, warm, running appropriate gear that will make you visible even on the dark, cold nights. In the gallery above are some highly reflective gear options to wear now through to March. 

Nike Hypershield Flash, $480: Nike never fails to design a jacket that has a fun print and slick look. This jacket will keep a runner cozy and most importantly, it’s going to make drivers aware of a runner’s presence. It’s called the flash for a reason, it’s, well… flashy.

New Balance Beacon Jacket, $349.99: This jacket is incredibly soft, will protect runners against windy conditions and most importantly, it’s got 360-degree visibility. It is also a water-resistant shell. 

Saucony Reflex Jacket, $159.99: Not only will this bright white jacket stand out on dark nights, but the mesh panels that run underneath the arms will keep runners well-ventilated throughout the run. 

MEC Waxwing Hybrid Jacket, $135: It’s budget friendly and high quality. What else does a runner want in winter? It’s wind resistant and it has fleece panels on the inside to keep a runner cozy when the temperatures really plummet. 

Asics Lite Show Winter Jacket, $179.99: Looks aren’t everything, but let’s face it: you do consider the overall style of your gear before you buy it and put it on. This one will get you noticed in a good way.