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Is this the secret weapon to ending annoying bounce on the run?

Almost nothing is more annoying that starting a run and feeling uncomfortable breast bounce. One Calgary woman is aiming to change that with a non-traditional approach.

BubandIt may look a little obscure and maybe to some it is, but this band could solve a classic female running problem.

There’s a large portion in the women’s running community who struggle with breast bounce while out on the run– for some it’s an issue that even hinders their desire to run for cardio. And that isn’t news. It’s a common issue. Quite possibly, it’s one of the most heard complaints in conversations about running.

Women who have larger breasts, are in between bra sizes, or are plus size are examples of groups who often deal with this annoying issue. No one likes heading out on a run only to find that sports bra isn’t equipped to deal with bounce. Talk about a buzz kill.

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What is the buband?

One Calgary woman is aiming to solve this. Lynne Koziey, from Calgary, Alta., has designed the buband. A three-inch wide band, the buband is designed to sit just above the fullest part of a woman’s chest. It’s made with a breathable fabric and closes at the back with your classic three hook-eye fasteners. The idea is to give that added support when worn on top of the regular sports bra. For women runners who have had to double up the sports bras, Koziey hopes that she has given them a solution.

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Sports bra runner

Why wear it

We tested this piece of apparel on runs and workouts. We found that it’s comfortable and sleek with light, breathable fabric. Success. It does what it’s supposed to do in that it reduces chest bounce while running and in the gym. We liked that it has bra-like features like the clasps at the back. If anything, those will prolong it’s life and prevent unnecessary stretching. One of our testers commented that it was so comfortable, that it was easy to forget she was even wearing it. Plus, it’s extra soft. If the maximum support bra just won’t cut it on it’s own, this item should provide that little extra. With this one piece of gear, runners can upgrade all their favourite bras in the wardrobe too.


We’re past the days when sports bras are just two basic pieces of fabric sewn together. The best workout apparel brands have been coming up with all different sorts of ways to reduce bounce– think adjustable straps, mid-shoulder straps to split the load, stronger padding, etc. Having tested many of these, we’re certain that proper maximum support products are out there.

Initially, our testers also felt that the buband was slightly tricky to place (especially on a bigger chest). Runners may find that worn under tighter workout tops, the lines are visible from the outline of their shape. That could be counteracted by wearing a looser top or perhaps placing it differently. Or, in seasons when runners need more layers, that may not be a concern at all.

Right now, the buband retails for US $39.98 and can be bought online.