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What to do with your old race swag

You know you’re a runner when old race swag accounts for most of the clutter in your house. You open your drawers to find an outfit for a night out to find it stuffed with old race t-shirts you forgot you even owned. And race bibs? You’re keeping these bits of paper for their sentimental value but you can’t deny they’re starting to get in the way. Not sure what to do with them? We found out about a few crafty ideas for runners.

Use old bibs to tote groceries. Send your old bibs to Mile 22, pick a bag design, and they will turn the old race numbers into a tote or backpack. Much better than letting them sit in the drawer.

Make a pillow case. This trick takes nearly zero artistic talent. You might have seen these pillow cases or cushion covers before. All you have to do is turn the sleeves inside out, slip the shirt over the cushion and fold remaining fabric around the pillow. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can sew sleeve opening shut.

Turn them into race bib coasters. This Etsy store, Mile Stones, takes runners’ race bibs and turns them into coasters! The shop is temporarily taking a break so keep an eye out for when they are back and running… or get crafty yourself. It might take a little trial and error.


Make a quilt. This requires for you to have been to many a race. This is a great project for the crafty runner. Either use it as a real blanket, drape it on the sofa, hang it on the wall or keep it in the closet and bust it out to look at when you need pre-race motivation.

Check out this quilt that the Canadian Running team spotted at this year’s Around the Bay.


Get cleaning! Not artsy enough for these ideas? When all else fails, do what runners before you have done and use your old race t-shirt to dust your coffee table, clean your car, wipe the dog’s muddy paws, etc…